Méline Lafont: A personal message from The Masters of the Far East ~ part 3 of the process of transformation

April 5, 2013

(This channeling is actually a personal message to me. These Masters are known by the book of “Life and Teachings of The Masters of the Far East” by Baird T. Spalding, a wonderful book I was told that, unfortunatly, I have not read yet. They came in early November to give me guidance in my Transformation and Transmutation process that is still running. Since this guidance includes important tips in it, I decided to share my message with you all. Keep in mind that this is a personal message to me, and this can vary from person, and therefore there is a chance that this does not resonate with your person and heart. The entire channel consists of 20 written pages and is composed of parts from the entire channeling and includes steps. The first part and second part of the entire message, can be found here. This is the last part. All these 3 parts are channeled tools personally from me and through me, as received from these Masters. Therefore these are my personal tools and are protected by Copyright. You may freely use and share these messages and tools if they include my copyright links at the bottom of this message. Much love, Meline ♥)

Beloved Méline, once more we are close to you and we would gladly relay more on the aspect of the transformation, which you are undergoing presently in your current body. Meanwhile we have arrived at the final phase and step in this whole process and we gradually continue with our guidance relevant to this, so that you can eventually execute everything independently in complete trust and heart choice. Pay attention, it is of the utmost importance that this is your heart choice otherwise don’t bother even starting up the process at this time. It is a very intensive process at that, so don’t underestimate the effects it will have on your physical and mental self.

What we would like to discuss today is the actual transformative step which will gradually bring everything to your original Self, to the state before incarnation. It has to do with a few steps and adjustments of your physical body which in themselves can be very intense and require lots of focus and energy on your part. Our last point that we had reached is the ‘zero point’ phase and dito state of Being, where no charges nor thoughts are present but where everything just is. One flowing state of Being from which creation is born.

The creation that has emerged from this neutral energy is what shapes life from a Source of energy that is life and shapes life in itself. Something is done and shaped with this energy, moulded in a very wonderful creation with intention and Love. As always, love is the momentum for everything, Love is where everything arose from, Love is the breeding ground for All That Is.

When an incarnation decides to “die” and to cross over into another way of existing, of exploration and of Being, than the physical vessel is put down and left behind for it to decompose. It is no longer fed and is doomed to decompose into nothingness. It doesn’t exist anymore and is non existent on whatever level. However, the soul and the state of consciousness are indissoluble, cannot be casted off nor can they die; they are your own immortal Being capable of growing and evolving into all sorts of shapes and degrees of consciousness in order to gain experiences and feelings. We are now going to talk about your immortal Being, which is your natural Self and into which you are returning.

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