Caroline K.A. — Pleiadian Message: You are Loved Unconditionally, Believe it With All Your Heart

Channeled through Caroline K.A.
Thanks to Wes Annac :

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Dear hearts, we are readily available at all times to send you our sincere words of encouragement, love and hope. There is nothing more important than guiding you in the understanding of all which is occurring at this time.

This scribe has asked us for words of encouragement which we bring forth genuinely from our hearts, not only to instill further understanding, but also to bring additional internal peace which we hope sets firmly within your hearts as you continue forward in your quest for truth and light.

This is most important, for many of you are feeling called now, more than ever, to make a conscious decision to step into your role, that which is your birthright, and return to your absolute truth as divine beings of love and light.

We come to you today, as we do each and every day, for we are always with you even if we are not communicating as we are now through messages received from our many scribes around your world.

We come to you out of love, and respect for the totality of this immense undertaking you have agreed to. As you allow yourselves to experience more, and open your hearts, your perspectives of what exactly “reality” is, or what you thought it to be, will change forever. Undoubtedly, you may have noticed your concept of reality is changing, and it is very different from what you have known while living within the strong holds of illusion.

You’re awakening dear ones. Although it may intensify at times, we ask you to always remain vigilant within your hearts because it is your choice as to where you want to go from here, and it is your choice as to how fast you want to travel. We say this in reference as to how much you allow yourselves to open up to the flow of possibilities, and divine love which is literally seeping into every fiber of your being.

Remember, although you are divine creators, and as the universe offers opportunities for further growth and enlightenment, you are the only one who will decide what route of travel is best for you.

Your awakening will continue to emerge from within, and yes, this is a process which started long ago, when shall we say, a seed was planted, and over time it began to grow with loving nourishment you so carefully provided, in order for it to flourish and to thrive.

Now, as this seed has grown stronger over time, throughout every day, every experience, and every lesson learned in your many life times, there are new buds of life, beauty, and strength flowering within you. Its roots are now deeply embedded in your beautiful hearts, for this dear ones, is your truth. It is the light which emanates from within, that which bears the fruits of your existence at this time.

As the seasons come and go, there will be more flowering, more growth, and you will find yourselves changing in miraculous ways. The changes within, and this new-found growth will affect those around you as well.