The Galactic Federation Manuscript with SanJAsKa — Part 4
April-01-2013 by Wes Annac

Continued from Part 3

Learning about Galactic Technology
As we progress onward toward a free and infinite future in alignment with the will of every soul on our world, we will grow to understand and work with the advanced technologies the Galactic Federation employs on a moment-to-moment basis. As is said below, we are going to learn so very much about this technology before we begin to use it and collectively benefit from it, and I have a feeling that we will learn enough about it to be able to understand its uses and how to interact with it.

“We have so very much to teach you and help you to learn, and the nature of energy work and using higher dimensional technology to shape and mold energy to be formed as you please is something you will be taught.

We will introduce you to our replicators and the various other technologies that may initially bedazzle you. We ask you to imagine the very idea of being able to Create anything you want with a device you will also be able to use as a holographic video phone and a replicator that can Create any food, drink or environment you wish for it to.

These are only a few things the basic handheld technology that every soul on your world will be issued can do, and the other things these devices can do will have to be explained in depth during the disclosure announcements before they are given, so that you dear souls can properly understand how to use them.”

I have a feeling that the majority of positive uses of this technology have not yet been told to us because as has been said, there is much potentially-overwhelming information coming our way and while what has been said in the avenue of the advanced technology we will learn to work with has been interesting and paradigm-shattering indeed, I don’t think we have an inkling of understanding of the positive future we are heading toward.

Simplified Technology & Fading Fear
SanJAsKa confirms that belief below, and tells us of the simplified versions of some of the Galactics’ most advanced technology we will be introduced to. We are also told of the settling of collective fear in the time ahead, and a bit more information about the evolved humans inhabiting the Galactic Federation is provided as well.

“Even with our technology, we will have to be careful not to overwhelm you dear souls and to that extent, we will offer modified and simplified versions of our technology for those of you who may initially be a bit unsure about trying such technology out.

While some may feel discomfort concerning our existence and the assistance we wish to offer for a while, in time every bit of fear or concern about us, our presence and our drive to assist you will fade away and will give way for the understanding that we are evolved and spiritual beings who can be likened to evolved versions of your “hippies” experiencing higher states of consciousness than those that would require the need or want for the use of any substance, herb or “drug” as many on your world would refer to them.

We have evolved from our respective planets, and we have been helped in this evolution by souls who themselves were helped in their own.

Now, as you can see, we are helping you dear souls with your evolution and so the cycle will go on and on as again, serving others is our main task. We have developed an understanding of our inner-realms and worked to increase our perception of such realms and in doing so, we began to Create an increasingly higher dimensional reality when we hit certain “snap” points in our evolution that saw us inhabiting pure states of consciousness.”

I had a bit of a laugh over the use of the term “hippies” but SanJAsKa essentially seems to be communicating that the evolved humans comprising the Galactic Federation are spiritually-inclined beings (perhaps that is an understatement) existing in purer states of consciousness than we humanity, who they are assisting in finding our unique collective evolution as a planet.

The spirituality of the Galactics and their wish to assist humanity in ushering in world peace has accounted for the smearing of their image with propaganda, funneled through nearly-constantly in the form of alien invasion-related television shows, movies, books and other things that subconsciously and quite boldly drill the idea into one’s head that any outside force visiting our planet must be malevolent in nature.