The Galactic Federation Manuscript with SanJAsKa — Part 5 (Conclusion)
April-03-2013 Posted by Wes Annac

Non-Human Galactic Souls
We are each working to reach states of consciousness that we have not accessed in a very long time, as SanJAsKa tells us below before beginning to get into a discussion of the various non-human (but still benevolent and evolved) souls and races comprising the Galactic Federation.

We are told of the evolved animal forms some souls who are a part of the GF take, and we’re told that the comfort level of humanity will be taken into consideration when we are introduced to such souls.

“Higher states of consciousness and understanding for every soul involved will result from the ascension of the entire Universe, and the missions of each of you at present are geared toward reaching states of consciousness that you have not yet traversed.

There are multitudes of different races comprising the Galactic Federation and while so very many of us are indeed human and you will initially be introduced to those of us who are human, there are other races who take their collective form as pure spirit energy, while other races of our Federation choose to express themselves as the evolved form of what you would best know as animals.

Indeed, we would not want to introduce you to beings whom you may refer to as “cat people” initially, because we want humanity to be comfortable enough with our presence and our wish to assist you and when your perceptions have been expanded accordingly, we feel you will be able to handle meting some of our non-human races and again, every race comprising our Galactic Federation is united in service-to-others and to our Creator and there are no malevolent races or agendas associated with us or our Federation in any way.”

I’m sure some of us feel we would be able to handle seeing an evolved “cat person” or even an evolved human, but the Galactic Federation and the Galactic forces assisting our planet in general know of the carefully-established paradigm of limitation that has been established within many of us and as such, they understand something we should perhaps understand, which is that even those of us who have adamantly studied the Galactics and every subject having to do with them may be more overwhelmed with their presence than we might realize.

They do indeed have a lot to offer us but before they can do so, we as a sovereign humanity must become not just individually, but collectively aware and accepting of their presence and if we cannot do that, we will have much trouble actually perceiving of these souls. There will, of course, be a plethora of people in the time ahead who will help to introduce us to these souls in earnest (perhaps one of you reading this will go on to be one of the “introducers”) but it will benefit us now to become open to the presence of the Galactics, so that we will be better able to handle their landing on our world in the time ahead.

Other Planets’ Ascensions
Just as was said above and is said below, the Galactic Federation have formed in an effort to help assist in the evolution of every lower dimensional planet or individual soul who is ready to embrace the next step in their evolution. As we are also told below, the collective ascension of the Earth will actually help to initiate and accelerate collective ascensions on a plethora of other worlds. That will be a unique feat indeed, because collective ascensions are quite rare.

“Our Federation is and was a natural response to the growing number of lower dimensional planets who have increasingly grown ready to see their ascension play out. Collective ascensions indeed don’t happen very often, but as the ascension of the Earth is to kick start that of the Universe, there will be more planets ascending collectively after you dearest souls on the Earth find your ascension.

You will be introduced to each race of the Galactic Federation in due time, and you will learn to work with each of us on specific things pertaining to the rebuilding of your world.