Meredith Murphy: The Council of Light — You Are in a New Situation
Thanks to Méline Lafont:

Hello Dear Ones and Greetings to You,
We are most honored to participate with you in this soar fest. At this time on Earth there is an incredible intense process unfolding for you and so continually orienting to your higher levels and returning to the vibration of an ascending energy within your collective stream, is most beneficial.

More and more clarity is becoming expanding in your world. What this feels like to each of you will vary, but a lot of it is having moments of realization. You may find that within these moments of realization that you cannot still see the whole, the newness in a coherent way as it takes shape. You may be unclear what you life is headed into. How you will shape it, what you will be doing, how it will all work. Many of you are feeling a big upheaval and it feels hard.

Many of you are noticing that you also at the same time, have access to more high vibrational energy more often. Despite not knowing how life is going to work and in many moments not being able to see the pathway in front of you, you are nonetheless still experiencing more and more periods of high vibrational energy and your comfort with this higher energy has also increased.

Today is a day where we come together and we hope to explain some things to talk about some things which will further your sense of realization, because it is this ongoing realization process that is happening as you awaken to the expanded presence of your own fullness, which opens you up. In the moments of realization and in your trusting of them, you step beyond what was for you.

You step out of what used to be for you. You simply move beyond it, into a new enlarged spaciousness that is initially disorienting, but which you gradually acclimate to.

But it is as if you hardly realize you are acclimating because as you are acclimating and beginning to work within this newness another realization comes, and you may find these to be very seemingly small things, small insights, ways you realize you bought into an idea that limited you, ways you made something right and wrong within your life that you didn’t need to, it could be a small thing reflecting on an interaction with someone you love, it could be a seemingly superficial thing like realizing you didn’t see what was really meant by the person at the grocery store who irritated you, it doesn’t matter…these insights and realizations are happening more and more now and what is happening in them is you are finding ways you connect to everyone. / link to original article