Relax — The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn May 22, 2013
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Your shady sides — The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn May 23, 2013

Streaming Energetic Constructs Shape Overall Gaia Consciousness
Posted on Mai 23, 2013 by Sirian Heaven

Allow the understanding of All, of One, to enter your hearts. — channeled by Ron Head
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We will speak today of the continuing success of the lightworkers in opening the understanding and consciousness in your world. We marvel at the ability of so many to avoid seeing what to us is so obvious. Each day now it becomes more difficult to interpret events, and reports of events, in other than a hopeful and positive light.

There are still things occurring which we understand are not so easily understood in this way, but much more is surrounding you which is of a positive nature. Of course the loudest voices are still trumpeting the tune of fear and control. But the strains of peace, progress, freedom, love, and compassion are refusing to be pushed aside any longer. They are there for all to hear if they desire to do so.

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