Religion — The Mother through May 6, 2013

Don’t stick to your , my child. I have given you not one to be founded and yet you are organizing in them, wherever western or eastern. I have given basics to you, but never told you to found now a religious community from that. It is not, that I would be against it, but look at what your churches and communities have made out of it. Each one contains truth because they are all built out of the same source. Not one of your religions is better or more than an other. They are only different but not one is the only one .

I have given to you only one “Religion” and it is very simple described in 2 words: love unconditionally. When you live these two words you don’t need any churches and any laws, because then you respect all that is and you have found on Earth. Then you respect all and you live peacefully with your neighbor because you know that you are One with him. When you live these two words you love how I love you, my child, unconditionally and in all ~

Your Divine Mother

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