Meredith Murphy — Message From The Council Of Light — Opening To Your Multidimensional Presence And Identity — 3 May 2013
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Greetings Divine Brothers & Sisters,
We speak to you today as one Council of Light, organized around the ascending energies of Earth, cheering as you enter the passageway of May, knowing your relationship with physical reality is being transformed as you breathe, as you eat, as you sleep, drink water and as you empower the fullness of your being to come forth into the Light of Life with you here and now.

It is a profound moment in time, following a series of profound and amazing moments. When so many of you re-oriented, remembered, turned inward, gave the inner knowing a chance, listening to your heart more then trying to think your way through things, felt the connection between yourself and others, knowing the true underlying Unity of all Reality and felt the bliss of life ripple through your human form as love, as goosebumps as a thrill of compassionate wholeness. You have tasted the Unity of Life the Living Law of One in your Human Form and as you have done so you have ignited this remembering in others…and we have noticed and been uplifted! We have been uplifted and we have been changed. All of life is and has been changed by this remembering of the wholeness which you are empowering with your presence. It is so beautiful and sacred and joyful and wonderful all at once. We are deeply appreciative for all that you are and all that you have been and all that you are becoming in this newness of life that you are creating here, on Earth at the leading edge of this amazing Creation.

Thank you for taking time out of your splendid sphere of influence and presence to empower this connection so that we might share in the awakening of your life from within, so that we might be present as you open up more fully to all that you are. This opening is what is happening this month, this amazingly powerful month of May during which the Lunar and the Solar Energies and the Eclipses and the Company of Heaven and You! Together all collaborate and combine to create a powerfully expanded experience of conscious multidimensionality in human life. This is the way you are opening — you are opening to the fullness that you are, the truth of your eternal divine being, the multidimensionality is your real identity and you are beginning to loosen your hold on the local identity which has limited so much your capacity and your joy, as well as your clarity and inner knowing, as it filtered reality into the identity you claimed as your own.

Now you are really seeing the elevated seat of your own consciousness as that which is You. You are realizing that the inner guru the one who can guide you is really just You in an expanded expression and you are starting to find the playfulness of moving beyond separation and the idea that God or Source energy is fueling you to realizing it IS you, you are it and that there are simply variations in your expression of All That You Are and this does not, nor do any of these expressions define who and what you are, they are simply glimpses of your own perfect eternal divine wholeness.