of Orion Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood


“Greetings Dear Ones,

We are the High Council of Orion.

And on the eve of this very powerful full moon and lunar eclipse that you will be experiencing, and are experiencing the energies on your planet. We your attention to the energies of change and transformation that are available during these gateways of time, and sometimes prior to large shifts and changes the energies of chaos and confusion or uncertainty can prevail before that.

Yet we ask you to be in the that the uncertainty that many of you might have been experiencing, is not an uncertainty that is leading to greater and greater decay and falling apart, yet it is a shift and change in the energies which allow the things that you have known to be true for a long time, to be shifting and changing and moving in ways that you don’t understand and perhaps cannot predict, and therefore it seems chaotic and unstable.

Yet what if it’s shifting and changing things in a way to reconfigure the elements of your life to move into the greater capacity, and greater place in the greater vision of what you are to become, and as you experience things that you might say are tumultuous or uncertain or confusing, we ask you to sit with the idea that you’re moving into a very powerful portal in these new energies, and as you do, the things that are not needed anymore literally fall away as if you are, “walking through a sieve”, and the things that are too big to move through the sieve will stay on the other side of , and those aspects of you that are refined enough to move forward will go with you so to speak.

In understanding that these are portal energies, we wish to give you the idea and the faith that they are transition energies, and instead of feeling that you have a new level of a permanent chaos in your life, if you look at the things that feel unstable and say to yourself that they will be shifting and changing, and they are not a permanent of affairs, it takes some of the emotional charge and reactivity out of the situation, which actually allows the potential for greater change and transformation, a greater ease in the release of the old and embracing of the new.

Lets look at this portal and see what’s on the other side, lets see what the potential is, for we ask you to focus on where you’re moving too at that very high-level:

What are the things that you would like to manifest?
What are the things that you are striving for at that level of your Soul?
And we ask you during these new energies, this new portal, this opening up.
We ask you to focus on the high-level vision of the future that you have.

What does it look like?
What does it feel like?
How do you feel in your physical body, how do you feel emotionally and mentally?
And use these energies of the full moon to reinforce where it is you’re going allowing the old to drop away. The old has had plenty of your time and attention, and now it’s time to look towards the future, and the key to our message at this magical portal time, is to begin to ask us at the high Council of Orion for daily attunements.

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