High Council of Orion — Disclosure Karen Doonan
With Permission

Dear ones we are here with you as you digest our words and process them through your heart space, for the heart KNOWS TRUTH. Many of you are now more than aware of the changes to your media and the changes within your media, the propensity for placing images of “alien” races now apparent as the distortion that it is in TRUTH. As the race that sought to contain and suppress was always well aware of this point in your human life journey, they left a legacy of distortion in relation to the actual shape and build of many of the races that share the universe with the human race. We draw your attention to the “spin” put on these races and the distortion of their intent. Now as the moon begins to strengthen and the new energies begin to increase in their frequency and vibration more will come to the attention of the general public as well as to those who are here to help prepare the human race for disclosure.

We come to guide in order that you obtain clarity of vision and you are not pulled into the 3D overlay that is in place in order that disclosure is implemented for the general public as a whole. ALL is vibration, all is frequency and ALL JUST IS. The placing of images is a psychological way of preparing for all that will now unfold upon and within the human race and within human consciousness, for many of you may trigger at the images that will be presented to you. This triggering is born out of dimensional timelines in which you exist in the lower dimensional frequencies and we guide all to be vigilant over the coming weeks and months as more and more is shared freely with the human race. ALL races exist in ALL dimensional timelines and this must be anchored and processed at human conscious level in order to move through the deep healing process that the higher dimensional frequencies now offer.

For too long the human race has walked in the blindness created FOR them by those who sought to contain and suppress them. Now many are obtaining clarity of vision to new levels and this is helping clear the lower dimensional timelines that are stored within human consciousness. We guide for clarity that there are those who have incarnated upon and within planet earth who are working on clearing these timelines via multiple dimensional transformations. These SOUL groups are working to clear the timelines in order to move the disclosure process into full swing as it were. These SOUL groups are aware of their mission and are completing this mission at this time.

Many of you may now be in chaos as information and disinformation comes out of the old 3D earth in its many forms. So much information and disinformation is now swamping the planet earth that we guide for all to come into balance and process ALL information no matter its source through the heart space, for only the HEART KNOWS TRUTH. The human race is about now to move vibrationally into spaces it has never gone before in its physical human form here on planet earth. This will push the boundaries that have been created FOR the human race and we are here to help you prepare and to move through this process. For at a SOUL level that is why you incarnated here upon planet earth, your SOUL knew this would be available to you in your human form and now you prepare the human vehicle to process the experience THROUGH your human vehicle. We cannot stress enough the need to prepare the human vehicle. By allowing the human vehicle to finds its own balance through all that now pours out and across planet earth on all levels.

The heightening moon energies and the new earth frequencies may push many of you beyond the boundaries that exist vibrationally within your human life experience and it serves no one least of all SELF for you to be unaware of how this may manifest within your human waking life experience. For many of you it may be a call to clarity from your human logical brain, it would not be uncommon for your logical human brain to question its sanity at times and we guide for all to be aware of this scenario. For to move in vibration at an accelerated rate often leaves the human logical brain in a sort of holding pattern. Allowing the human logical brain to find its balance once more is vital during this process. Do not try to move back into the patterns that you have dissolved for that sets up a holding pattern that is challenging on all levels. You are all moving vibrationally, we guide for sleep, for rest and for plenty of water in order to flush the lower dimensional frequencies from the human vehicle.

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