It is as though you had confined yourselves within a minute dwelling with no windows
May 15, 2013 by John Smallman

The spiritual realms — Heaven, Reality where all of creation is — is watching with joy as the cloud, the fog, the ephemeral mist in which those in the illusion have chosen to hide themselves from our Father and from Reality starts to dissolve. Its dissolution was assured as soon as it formed, but only when those within it chose to allow it to do so. That decisive and irreversible choice has now been made, and from here forwards humanity is determinedly and spontaneously involved in releasing all the aspects of themselves that maintain and support the illusion — the illusion in which it seems to them that they are so firmly and inextricably enmeshed.

To you it does seem very real, very solid, very significant; in fact, it appears to be the crucial and unique collection of wave forms or energy fields that make your existence possible. Without it you believe existence would cease. But really, without it existence would be infinitely limitless for you. Limits are illusory, and therefore so is the illusion that seems to impose them upon you. You do not need the apparent environment that your illusion provides in order to ensure your continued existence. You are divine and immortal beings who have chosen to experience a state that could actually never be — a state of unreality that is exempt from, free from God! But God is all that exists and contains within Him all of creation in absolute freedom. Without Him there would be less than nothing, let alone a state free from Him, because there would be no consciousness that could imagine nothing!