Lady Nada and The Masters of Peace : Your Heart’s Focus
Thanks to Méline Lafont:

Hello to you dear ones, it is Lady Nada here to speak to each of you about the resonance of your heart’s focus..

Each one of you has a special resonance of your own unique signature.. Your own spark of life.. This is your heart’s signature or your heart’s focus as well..

This focus or spark is in true alignment with your full souls’ presence or over soul..

This spark of life is your life force that is keeping you in your directive of awareness of this embodiment.. This focus of life is your soul’s fragment of awareness here as well..

Allow yourself to journey with me… To journey into your own unique configuration of your soul spark…

This is illuminating your path in this life.. Your heart’s focus is illuminating your path in this life, in this focus of this embodiment..

To drop deeply into this awareness now is a most magical moment that I can spend with you..

We ask you to drop now into your heart’s awareness by the intention to do so with us..

Yes it is that easy as you are the director of this focus now.. You can allow yourself to come into harmony with your focus as the director as well.. To be the true director of this embodiment, you allow yourself to relax into your heart’s awareness… let go into it..

Very good, now as I have your attention in this moment, let go of who you think you must be, who you must be for others, and drop deeper into your own signature.

Allow yourself to feel into this moment the purity of your consciousness in the now. Be with us in your true expression…

Allow us to guide you into further awareness of your heart’s focus..

You are a spark of divinity of creator.. You are all equal in this.. Yet each of you has so many lives and experiences, unique stories, unique expressions… this is a beingness that is timeless.. It is encoded with all your soul memories.. As each of you are coming more online with your heart’s focus you are able to remember who you truly are… and who you are is quite vaster than the story you are playing here, quite vaster than the day to day awareness..

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