Galactic/Earth Alliance The Landing Party Remembers — Part 2 Suzanne Lie

Dear Readers,
I now present the second portion of the message that I began in my last Blog of 4-20-13. Therefore, make sure you read that part first.

For this portion of the message, the Arcturian spoke, not just to the members of the Away Team but also to all the humans of Earth. It was interesting to see how the Arcturian could communicate with two groups within the same message. In fact, I think the Arcturian was teaching the Away Team how to speak to humanity while they are wearing their earth vessel.

I am beginning to understand how “wearing an earth vessel” creates the illusion of separation. This sense of separation is very prominent in my life. My dreams are separate from my daily life, in which I feel separate from other people. In fact, I also feel separate from that which I wish to create.

I can feel deep inside of me that something wants to be expressed in my daily life. However, my outer life and my inner life are, well, they are separate.

I still cannot directly remember being on the Ship, but there is a vague feeling of unity that has come into my awareness since these dreams began. Also there is a growing unity between my daily self and dream self, which is a start. Isn’t it? I mean, we have to start somewhere; and for me starting with unity is good.

For so much of the life that I can remember, I have felt alone. I say “the life that I can remember” because I seem to be forgetting my past. My past is over now, and whatever problems or traumas it included are becoming lost in this new adventure of, well, I guess I must say this new adventure of traveling into the unknown to find unity.

This other life or dreams or fantasies, whatever they are, are changing me in a very deep manner. I don’t feel so lost anymore. When I go about my day I think about my dreams and the unity I feel while I am having them. I wonder if I can find a way to establish that kind of unity here, in this world. Wow, I just admitted that I actually have two worlds and two lives. Maybe I even have more?

But, enough about me, as this part of the Arcturian’s message seems very important.

We have told you how Elementals assist you in creating your reality because you need those basic concepts in order to understand what we are about to say. You see, you too, are an Elemental. You too are a builder of form, but you forgot. Your third dimensional earth vessel is comprised of the elements of Earth’s physical matter. This physical matter is perceived as your body, which is perceived as YOU.

In the same manner, your fourth dimensional astral-body/dream-body is comprised of the Elementals of astral matter, which you also perceive as YOU. Hence, the individual that you perceive as YOU is both your physical body and your astral body. These two bodies are kept manifest by your third dimensional elements and your fourth dimensional Elementals.

You perceive your third dimensional form as your conscious self and your fourth dimensional form as your unconscious self. Since most of your manifestations arise from your unconscious rather than your conscious mind, the fourth dimensional Elementals are the primary creators of your reality.