Galactic/Earth Alliance — Landing Party Remembers 4 Suzanne Lie

The Landing Party Remembers — Part 4

Morning on Earth
I have not been feeling like myself lately. Not that I am complaining, as I am really enjoying feeling this way. However, there is a weird inner confusion in which I know I am me, but I also feel like I am more than me. I think my dreams are starting to change my perception of myself. In fact, myself is beginning to encompass a SELF that is beyond what I ever thought of as me.

I have not dreamed of being on the Ship for a while, but I have been having these other very weird dreams in which I am some kind of Priestess. I live out in Nature in a big area, which is much like a high desert here. By “here” I mean that I do not think that this place is on Earth. Well, if I can go to a Spaceship at night, why not go to a different planet? On this other planet, my dream planet, I have a different body. I am very tall and thin. I have very white skin and long blond hair.

I can’t see my own eyes, but I feel like I am the person I dreamed about the other night. I appear to look like her, only now I am not looking at her. In this dream I AM her. At least, I was her in the dream. I must say, I wish I was her all the time. Except, that she/I still have that bit of sadness, as if something is missing. Also, She/I also have a feeling of urgency, as if something is about to happen, and there is something I am supposed to do.

In my dream I appeared to be very clear what that “something” was, but I was unable to bring that part of the dream forward. It seems that when I dream I can remember the emotional images, but the details of what is happening around me become lost when I wake up. I wonder if I could be hypnotized so that I could remember? However, I would have to be a very open minded person who helped me, or I think I would freak them out. Worse yet, the person may think I am crazy.

No, I need to keep this to my self, my own personal self. I don’t think I can even talk about this on my Blog. It won’t do me any good to hear that I am crazy because that is my suspicion/fear. However, I am so tired of allowing fear to rule my life. Where did it get me anyway? Those people that I was afraid would judge me actually didn’t even care enough to notice me, much less judge me.

I wonder if it would be possible for me to talk to this dream person that I have seen and experienced being? However, I do know how I could possible do that. At least, right now I believe that I can’t talk to her. Maybe if I let myself believe that I could talk with her, I could find a way to communicate. But, how do I make myself believe something that I do not believe?

That Night on Earth
I can see that that my contact person is very close to being able to communicate with me. However, I am not sure how to bridge this gap. I think I will return to the Ship for a bit so that I can consult with the Arcturian. Oh, yes, then I can see Mytre too. I miss him so much. When we are apart in this way I feel like I am only half of myself. I thought that when we bi-located I would have more contact with my reality on the Ship.

However, that world seems further away every day, in fact, every minute. I have not allowed that thought to enter my mind because it carries a resonance of fear. What if I were one of those who became trapped in the physical body? I know that I have gone much deeper into the consciousness of my Contact Person than I was supposed to, but I could not get her attention otherwise.

I have her attention now in that she is dreaming of my/our life and expressing a desire to communicate with me. On the other hand, I feel like I may have gone too deep. Right now, while she is sleeping, I can remember my true SELF, but more and more often I am getting lost in her mundane life. When I look deeply into this scenario I realize that I usually get lost when she is involved in daily, 3D activities.