Channeled Interview with the Pleiadians: Increased Energy, Expanding upon Dedication and the Various Laws of Manifestation by Wes Annac:

Wes Annac: Hello on this day, dear friends. Per the discussion we were beginning to have as I drifted off into peaceful meditation, I would like to know about scripted nature of our reality as it plays out currently.

The Pleiadian High Council: With Love, we will be happy to provide our perspective on this matter for you and all absorbing this communication. As we were beginning to discuss with you, your reality plays out in a scripted manner, yet in one that is being Created and determined by you in each and every moment.

Dearest Wesley, we trust you remember the “choose your own adventure” stories you read as a child. Correct? (1)

Wes: Indeed I do, dear friends.

A Scripted yet Fluid Reality
PHC: Your existence on this Earth is much like the format those stories were given in.

What we mean is that you experience a fluid reality that is entirely of your own Creation, and you are pulling potential reality-threads toward yourselves to manifest or discard based on your thoughts and emotions in every moment. You are Creating your realities based on such thoughts and at the same time, the events you experience as a result of your actions have been scripted and planned out ahead of time, by you and by subconscious aspects of your Selves who are helping to coordinate the events that play out in your Lives.

It is so interesting to watch the Earthly experience play out from our point of view, as you are learning so many lessons and undergoing so many self-Created tribulations that you can solve when allowing and working with the higher dimensional perspective beginning to descend down unto your planet at present.