Galactic/Earth Alliance The Landing Party Creates Suzanne Lie

The Landing Party Creates

I am not sure what I did, but I do know that I extended myself too far. I was trying to bi-locate to the reality of raising the Violet Temple on our Pleiadian Homeworld so I could check on Almon. However, I also wanted to remain in contact with my earth expression, as well as my 2013 Mytria consciousness that has been shared with my contact person.

However, I have become somewhat lost in the human consciousness, and I did not fully ground myself. Also, I forgot establish a contact with Mytre, the Arcturian or even my SELF on the Ship. I think that my humanized ego wanted to do it on my own. Well, I did get myself in quite a mess while being on my own because I do not know where I am.

I am, of course still alive, but I do not appear to be wearing any body at all. This is a very unique experience. I did experience being swirls of light with Mytre and the Arcturian. I only had a form of swirling light then, but I was with my Divine Complement and my Mentor.

Unfortunately, I was so deep within human, 3D mind that I made a decision based on ego. I was going to save everyone. Now someone will need to save me. Fortunately, now that I am free of a physical encasement, my multidimensional thinking is returning. I know that by now the Arcturian and my dear Mytre are fully aware of my plight and are coming to my rescue. I hope!

I guess I still have some third dimensional doubt. However, I must say that it feels quite freeing to be out of the limitations of a third dimensional mind. How do humans do it? I have more respect for them than ever now. I must admit that while I was within the human shell I judged other humans.

Now I am again able to understand just how difficult it has been for all the higher beings who volunteered to take an earth vessel during this exciting, yet very dangerous, era. I seemed to have made a mess of it in a very short time. I know that my human expression was just adapting to the presence of my higher consciousness, but now I have suddenly vanished.

Fortunately, I am still aware enough to know that there are no mistakes or accidents. There are only opportunities. Hence, I will now make an analysis of this “opportunity.” First off, there is nothing here. I mean there are no forms, no beings, no animals, no people and no planet. Of course, there also is no me. I am pure consciousness in this NOW.

However, being alive while in this state of pure, formless consciousness is proof that I will never “die.” Also, I do not seem to have any fear, or even love. In fact, I have no emotion at all. Obviously, I have thoughts, but they appear to empty, devoid of all emotion. Wait! I am remembering now the secret of manifestation. My thoughts create a thought-form, which can only become alive when I fill it with emotion.

I do know clearly that I only want to fill my thought-forms with unconditional love. I do remember that the frequency of my emotion will dictate the resonance of my creation. Unfortunately, I am beginning to feel a small semblance of fear, perhaps arising from my human experience. I cannot, will not, allow that fear to remain.