Heavenletter #4542 The Heights of Love, May 2, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
Let Me be like the Statue of Liberty. All the weary, come to Me. All the persecuted, come to Me. All the hungry, all the poor, all the wayward and all the lost. All the happy, come to Me. All who give, come to Me. All who take, come to Me. All the seekers in the world, come to Me. Come to Me for My sake because it gives Me joy to know that you are aware of where you are and Whom you are with every moment of the day or night and on into Eternity. You have never left. You are on a Continuum which you have always been on and which you are incapable of leaving. I know this.

If you want to know where you are, it is Eternity. You don’t really think that you are off somewhere in a desert or frozen reef? My heart is the Heart of Eternity, and that is where you are. No exceptions. None.

While you are on Earth, you play a game of Hide-Go-Seek with yourself. You play Peek-a-Boo. You play Old Man’s Bluff. You play Bad guy and Good Guy. And you are, each and every one of you, the whole ball of wax. You are everything, and you, the you that you play at, act like, believe you are, the bumpy individual you think is the be-all end-all of you does not exist. Your personality is a composite, a composite of pretense. The whole world is a pretense, as it were. It is a story of Let’s Pretend.

It is a daydream that everyone on Earth plays in. It is a Story Game. Sometimes it is a game of Ruthless Pursuit. Sometimes it is a Flower Garden. To you it is a big game of Life and Death. In truth, long life or short life, it is a blink of an eye. It is nothing at all. It is a lapse. It is a falling-out you have with yourself. Of course, you believe that others players are involved, yet, it is you who plays all the parts. You rush from one side of the screen to the other. You dash around and slip into roles and fight yourself in the mirror.

You play hero. You play villain. You play mercenary, and you play the unlucky, the foolish, the genius, the friend, the stranger. Often you are displeased with yourself and attribute your displeasure to others when, all the while, there are no others. You are the whole troupe.

You are the audience as well.

You roll around on the bed of life having a good dream or a bad dream while you have blanked out the True Reality of Your Existence.

Just the same, your presumed Life on Earth is a riot of Beauty and Wonder and Fun. You are an audience of One watching it all from a distance. You are yourself within yourself within yourself, and you lead yourself on a merry chase.

In this case, do you think that I am naïve to try to interrupt your dream and invite you to come to Me? The last laugh is Mine, beloveds, because you have never once been anywhere else. I know what you have thought and what you have led yourself to believe. Which of Us is naïve, I ask.

Would you bet on the world as you see it or on Eternity any day? Would you bet on Individuality or would you bet on Unity? Would you bet on you or would you bet on Me?

Wherein is your Being? And wherein is your Activity? Where are you really? At the Whim of a Real-Seeming Made-up Life or at the Depth of the Ocean and the Heights of Love?

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