Heavenletter #4543 True Vision, May 3, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
Yes, I created you. What it is really is that I had the dream of you, or, We can say I had the thought of you, and from My thought, dream, desire, you came to life.

You arose out of the stars or what have you. You popped up alive in the Realm of Heaven and sometimes, for a lark, spent time on Earth where you dreamed of yourself in a million different ways one at a time or all at once in color or in black-and-white in many-mannered ways.

You Who are Everything have played many roles. Your imagination went wild. You have spoken, and you have listened. You have danced, and you have sat still. You have ambled, and you strode. You have tiptoed and you have clomped. You wore shoes and you went barefoot. Light of foot, you ran through jungles, and you have lived in skyscrapers. You have planted fruit trees. You have climbed to the top and eaten the prized fruit. You have surprised yourself! There have been times when you have thought you surpassed yourself.

I am here to tell you that you have never yet come close to your True Self.

I take that back. You have come close, and that is what I yearn for you to know. I yearn for you to know that you are what you are even when you can’t fathom it. You see yourself through half-closed eyes. If you saw yourself through True Vision, your heart would leap and you would know of what and of Whom you are made. You wouldn’t just think it or imagine it. You would know. You would know the Reality of Who You Are, and you would see, once and for all, the Unreality of What You Had Thought, and you might cry in joy at the difference between.

You would laugh and laugh. You would roll over in laughter. You would laugh so hard, your stomach would hurt. Your laughter would spill over, and your tears of laughter would replenish the Earth with water of such sweetness that you have not even dreamed of. Even the sweetest ice cream you have ever tasted would seem sour next to the sweetness which you will soon taste, or may have already tasted. The possibility is there. The good possibility is there.

What is sure is that you will be sweet, and your life will be sweet, and everything around you will be sweet. Sweetness will be known. All will be sweet because of your taste buds, because of your sense of taste.

You will come to your senses! That is what I am trying to say. You have thought senses meant some kind of mental acuity. The senses you are about to come to are even more than that. We could call it a Heart Sense. In any case, this will become the Reality Check not that heavy-duty Reality you have been dousing yourself with.

You are just entering the Spring Time of Life. This is when the Garden of Your Life is beginning. Flowers of life are going to bloom. The Fruit of Life is about to ripen. All hands on Earth will join. All hearts will join. This is coming to your senses. This is more than believing what can be. This is grasping it. This is Truth Undeniable. What do you think you had been doing but denying Truth? You withheld gold for no reason at all, or, perhaps, for the reason that the momentum of life had gone one way, and you had not yet gleaned how to turn another way.

Soon or sooner, you are going to spin around. The momentum within you will have swerved.

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