Heavenletter #4553 In the Courtyard of God’s Truth, May 13, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
It has been said, and you have heard: All that exists is this moment.

This moment is Infinity and Eternity. Beautiful is your coming to the complete realization of this Reality of Infinity and Eternity, two sides of the same coin.

Infinity and Eternity rule out time. Time cannot possibly exist in timelessness.

Without the existence of time, there is no longer the possibility of suffering. Suffering comes either from the past, even the past of a moment ago, or it comes from fear of the future. Nor can fear of the future possibly exist in Reality We speak of right now. Right now is on an even keel.

Where there are Infinity and Eternity, time doesn’t exist for either past or future to exist in. Past nor future cannot exist in Infinity. No semblance of time can exist. In Reality, the concept of cutting up Eternity into time simply can’t be, nor can the concept of time really be known and held onto.

You become aware of the existence of Reality, aware in the sense that you live in Infinity and Eternity where time in all its variations — in the nick of time, heavy-hanging time, time going fast, time going slow, time marching on and so forth — time simply cannot and does not exist. In the Reality We speak of, time can’t be materialized, just as you presently are not quite aware of Infinity and Eternity. You have been unable to hold Infinity and Eternity in the palm of your hand.

Without the existence of time, no longer is there the possibility of fear. Where would fear possibly exist when future does not and cannot exist? And where could past fear exist in any case? Furthermore, there is no time for fear to exist in nor is there place. There is no time, no fear, no place.

Without time and place, where can loss exist? Or mourning? Or missing? Or having to have? Or property? Or floods or avalanches? Or death? The Truth is that Life is Infinite and Eternal. This is absolute. You doubt, and yet this absoluteness is beyond a shadow of doubt.

True are you. You are Truth. Infinity and Eternity run through your bloodstream. There is nothing but Truth and the Whole Truth. Time cannot be squeezed into Truth. Time cannot be squeezed in nor can it fill a jot of Truth. Infinity and Eternity are so grand. I will call the Oneness of Infinity and Eternity Truth. Only Oneness is Truth, and, in Truth, Oneness is Life Entire regardless of relative life, no matter how relative life overtakes and occupies your thoughts about it. One Truth exists, and the Truth is Oneness. May the Glory of Oneness live as the Truth you do know.

Am I leaving out Love? Not possible because Love is another word for Oneness, and, yet, no matter how many words for Oneness, Oneness alone is and Oneness Alone fulfills itself. Oneness is Self. Oneness is Myself in which you are and which you recognize somewhat and do love altogether, even when you are not always able to put your finger on Truth and realize it.

Therefore, right now, come closer to Me. Come sit near Me. Toss out all the clutter that you presently cling to in order to prevent yourself, My Beloved, from coming closer to Me. So close and yet so far. Of course, We are not speaking of your reaching Outer Limits, for, of course, there are no limits where even a vestige of Outer Limits can exist.

There is no dislike, no separation in the Courtyard of My Heart. I speak to you, My One Heart, who are called by a name that does not begin to name the Truth of you.

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