Heavenletter #4556 Out of Bondage, May 16, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
Wrap a blanket of love around you from you. Bless yourself. Introduce yourself to yourself. Give yourself a good recommendation. All you will have to do is to tell the Truth. It is no fabrication that you are to love yourself and that you are someone worth loving.

No matter what you may have done or not done, you are someone to love. Perhaps you have to begin to forgive yourself for your trespasses. All trespasses by deed or un-deed are to be blessed and erased. Wrap them in a blanket of love, and throw them to the sky to be dissolved, or, if you prefer, toss them into the sea, or bury them and give them to the soil. You do this mentally.

What kind of blanket do you imagine you would wrap these fragmented errors from the past in? Or, look, if you prefer, you can throw each fragment away separately. The thing is that you are done with them. Finished. Kaput. Have they not weighed your heart down enough? You have kept errors in front of you from when you were a child.

Come, let go of the child you were. Let that child go. Would you be so hard on a child today as you are on the child you were once upon a time?

I absolve you. I absolve you as a child, and I absolve you now, and I absolve you now from any thoughtlessness that might crop up in the so-called future. All this is a given. If I can erase, why not you?

Whatever you hold against yourself, at most, it was a bad dream. You cast yourself in the role of error-maker. Now you choose another role. Now you choose to choose awareness. You choose to choose thoughtfulness. Now you choose mercy, and that includes mercy to yourself. Now you stop holding anything against yourself. Now you choose to set yourself free. You have chained yourself up for misdoings long enough.

Take a facecloth in your mind and wash your face with this cloth rinsed in warm water. Wash your face gently. Rinse that facecloth and wash your face again. Wash your heart. Free it of grime that never belonged there anyway. Wash your heart from any accumulated grit or grease. My Will be done.

It is time to let the hostage of guilt go. You may have thought that guilt came from your Higher Self. It never did. It came from that bouncing-around ego. Ego made your foolish errors serious events. Ego made your errors, big or small, major crimes. Of course, in a court of law, you can not stand up and say, “Your honor, I made a mistake. I’m sorry.” That will not absolve you in a court of law. You are not in a court of law with Me. You are in a court of love, and you must let My people go. Ego has kept My children in bondage long enough. There has to be an end to it, and, you, you who are reading My simple words here, are to put an end to it.

Today you are to walk free, and this is how you free the world. You walk free from the past, and you walk free from the future, and you unloose all the bonds on Earth. This is how you let My people go. First yourself, and then others are automatic.

You will have started a trend. You know how trends catch on. You will be a fashion-setter. You will accomplish that which I have long desired to be accomplished — the beginning of freedom for all on Earth.

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