Heavenletter #4559 How Many Verses Would You Sing? , May 19, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
How shall I say this? I will say it this way: You are always on the tip of My tongue. You are in My every thought, and I never take My eyes off you. I look into the mirror of Myself, and I see you. I see you very well. I see your light, which is Mine, and I revel in it.

All the while, I suppose, We can say that you imagine Me, even fantasize Me. Even so, your heart feels the beat of My heart. Sometimes My love for you is palpable to you. There is an exhilaration, a sense of something wonderful. It may only be a trace of My love for you. Even a trace of My love is sufficient unto the day. Even when you sense only a drop of My love, you know it’s concentrated. Even a droplet of My love sensed is enough to last you a lifetime.

I am speaking now of what you perceive. I am not speaking of the totality of love I give. Do you really think I stint in giving My love to any sector of My Great Creation? Love given is not always love received, for reasons We have spoken of before. You simply cannot understand how I could invent taking dear loved one’s bodies away from you, sweeping their voices and touch and attention away from you, leaving you bereft, or any of the myriad things that you may fault Me for allowing.

Like you, beloveds, I do the best I can. If you had the eyes to see and ears to ear and so forth. Of course, please accede that, in many cases, even from your perspective, I have excelled. Meanwhile, until you have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, think about what does suit you and put the other lesser attributes away from you.

If you must hold Me responsible for unwanted happenings in your life, then, in fairness, hold Me responsible for what does please you as well. I won’t go into details here. I will leave that to you. Just tell Me off the top of your head all the things that please you today. Make a song of them, why not? Or strum on your guitar. If you have a verse for each happening in your life that gives you joy, how many verses would you sing?

If you are deep in mourning right now and cannot forgive for what you perceive as My taking your loved one away, will you perhaps be able to acknowledge that I sent your loved one to you in the first place? Will you kindly thank Me a little for the joy your loved one gave? Will you thank Me for your feet that walk and your toes that move and your fingers that type? Will you credit Me with the birth of babies? Will you credit Me with your lips that form words and can kiss? Will you credit Me with your knees that bend? Will you credit Me for extraordinary opportunity of life. Life, beloveds, this amazing experience that you live every moment in your sojourn on Earth. Will you credit Me, beloveds, with little and big matters?

Has it ever occurred to you that, if you found yourself in My shoes, you might say that you were putting up with a lot? Inasmuch as I am in no shoes at all, I experience solely joy in you. I know of nothing but joy. Joy is My reward for creating you. As I said once before, or perhaps twice, it isn’t that I need your appreciation. What’s important is that you claim gratitude unto your heart, your beautiful heart that I so embrace.

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