As channeled by Karen Doonan

Greetings dear ones, we are the High Council of Orion and we come to guide and to support. Our “subject” that we wish to guide around is the human definition of “love” and the boundaries that are ignored and created around this very human concept. LOVE JUST IS, it has no boundaries, it has no definition yet on you have been taught not only to define it but also to alter it to your every need and whim. This is distortion and we are here to guide more fully on how this may now be challenging for you in this your human form.

No other race/realm in the universe defines LOVE, all embrace and allow the LOVE that IS to flow freely for ALL is created from the LOVE that IS but the human race has been taught to use the LOVE that IS as a weapon and this is not TRUTH. To state that you “love” another human being and place definition on the way in which you will love them distorts the situation and binds you to lower dimensional frequencies that begin to arise as the person that you state you love then tries to stay within the boundaries that YOU have created FOR them. Do you understand our guidance dear ones? do you understand how you set up a scenario of expectation that cannot be met by anyone other than SELF for it is only SELF who has created therefore it is only SELF who can experience?

Many walk in the teachings of distortion around LOVE on planet earth at this time. Many family units are now under vast pressure as the word “love” is used to try to control and to manipulate, sometimes consciously but often unconsciously and we draw your attention to the need to detach from this scenario. LOVE JUST IS and YOU ARE.

To hold expectation is to dance with the lower energetic frequencies that are now dissolving across and within planet earth. Many are now stating that “if only” and then defining further, LOVE KNOWS NO FEAR and yet LOVE is created from the scenarios of fear upon and within planet earth. If you are holding on to another under the guise of love and putting more and more accent on what they do that is not acceptable to you then you are not in “love” you are in fear, do you understand our guidance dear ones? For LOVE is an expansive emotion and an expansive energy, you cannot state that you “love” another human being then hold on to them tightly for you contain and restrict their energy signature, this affects also your energy signature for frequency will try to resonate with frequency, the result is containment and restriction for both parties and the situation then allows for the lower dimensional frequencies of frustration and anger to begin to arise. For within the lower dimensional frequencies of the old earth is only containment and suppression.

Many state that it is precisely because they “love” another that they do what they do and this also is containment. LOVE JUST IS and YOU ARE. The need for ALL to become more responsible for all that they do and all that they create is now pushing for expansion and yet many hold on tightly to ALL around them fearing that they will “lose” them. Loss is a smoke and mirror of the old 3D earth dear ones, for ALL ARE ONE and ALL ARE CONNECTED. You lose no one in this your human life experience, you are going through the human life experience on this planet in order to grow and expand, you cannot comprehend how far you will expand or grow until you begin to step out of the containment and suppression and open your heart fully. For the HEART KNOWS TRUTH and TRUTH JUST IS.

The boundaries set around LOVE are distortion, for why would you place any “rules” on the LOVE that flows freely around you and through you? why would you contain your energy signature in order to “allow” another to LOVE YOU? Many walk the planet in frustration and anxiety believing that somehow they are unloveable and yet failing to understand that LOVE is the very fabric of the universe, ALL ARE LOVE for ALL JUST ARE and ALL ARE ONE. Do you understand our guidance dear ones?

The family unit is where the distortions were anchored for the old earth knew that containment by those who you were physically related to was a denser vibration than those outwith the family unit. Hence many are now walking the tightrope between hearts desire and freedom and we guide for you to dissolve this patterning. Your human family are NOT YOU, your friends are NOT YOU, only YOU are YOU and we ask for you to process our words through your heart space for the heart knows TRUTH.

Do you allow the LOVE that IS to show you TRUTH dear ones? do you let go and allow the universe to show you the wonders of your BEing? or do you fall to the smoke and the mirrors of the old 3D earth world that teaches that love does not exist? in order for the old world to survive and for it to be fed by the lower dimensional energy frequencies LOVE had to be re-created for the human race. So LOVE has been taught to you as something to be feared, something to be endured and this is distortion dear ones. For LOVE just IS and it knows no boundaries, no rules and no containment. Believing that “love hurts” keeps you within the containment created by another for you, do you understand our guidance? to walk freely in the LOVE that IS to understand that YOU are FREE and that YOU ARE.

To define LOVE is to define the wind or the rain, it is to define breathing dear ones and we ask for you all to begin to dissolve the prison walls you have allowed others to build around you, in many scenarios you have helped others build those walls for you. “LOVE is the answer, no matter the question” is our channels motto for it is TRUTH. LOVE will dissolve any other frequency for it is the highest frequency in the universe. It is the balm to your SOUL when it is allowed to freely flow around you and within you. Allow it to heal you, allow it to expand you and allow it to show you TRUTH.

Where you find another stating “it is only because I love you that I …” then step back, for they are attempting to create a boundary born out of fear. It is not the responsibility of YOU to help them create that boundary for the boundary is not TRUTH. LOVE JUST IS dear ones. Many boundaries are now falling and the fear that is now being generated is born out of the teachings that teach that boundaries are needed or chaos will resume. ALL JUST IS dear ones, you create from moment to moment, why would you need a boundary if you are in balance and free?

We are the High Council of Orion and we come to you at this time in order to help clear your vision for many are now attempting to pull you out of balance. Their need for control and boundaries heightening and the LOVE that IS now anchors fully upon and within planet earth. Why would you fear the very frequency that binds the universe together? why would you allow the LOVE that IS to keep you in the containment you are so eager to dissolve? the words of others are frequencies and we guide you detach from ALL lower dimensional energetic frequencies. LOVE is often the most overused word on planet earth, so used that many filter it out, become more aware of the context in which it is used and FEEL TRUTH dear ones. Those who state “I love YOU” in many cases are stating that they fear you for they do not understand you or why you are here. Those who LOVE often never utter the words, their actions speaking louder than any human word. We ask for you to FEEL LOVE and to understand that LOVE is available to ALL at this time but you must CHOOSE to ALLOW the LOVE that IS to flow around you and through you. It is there for you at all times regardless of your sex, your race or your colour for LOVE JUST IS.

We send the LOVE that IS to you at this time, we wrap it around you, may it flow freely around you and through you and may you use its frequencies to create the life that you dream within the heart space for ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE. We are with you as you walk out of the containment created by you and for you by a race that sought to control and to suppress. A race that could not understand the frequency of the LOVE that IS for they were not resonant with said frequency. Allow their legacy to dissolve by pouring the LOVE that IS through all that you have been taught as truth. That which is TRUTH will remain and that which is not will dissolve. ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE dear ones.

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