Meredith Murphy — The Pleiadians for May 2013: Passage to Expansive Freedom
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Greetings Dear Ones,

We are the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light and we speak to you through an expanded corridor of connection which was established almost a year ago, during the Eclipse Cycle of May 2012. Since that time so much has transpired in your world and in your lives. Know that the themes you are experiencing are also felt within larger spheres of organization, the fields of light and energy you think of as the galaxy and even the Universe.

More and more you are realizing the true nature of your being.

In this realization you open more fully to all that you are and you, yourself expand. It is increasingly possible that you are becoming way-station managers and flow-ers (smile), of energy. Isn’t it wonderful that the idea of being one who flows, is so like the word for flowers? that endlessly open and gracefully unfold in your lives? You are becoming increasingly the means by which the higher and lower levels of creation are integrated. This leading edge is what you hoped to achieve in coming here to participate in planetary ascension. It is that which you are instinctively creating when you begin to orient to your heart. As you discover your ability to ground more energy and manifest, then you embrace the flow between the upper and lower levels of your being. As you begin to relate to yourself in self-love then you begin to see that there is only beauty in all aspects of your experience — that which you create directly and that which mirrors your vibration to you. In this fuller relationship to life you become more whole.

Each of you carries within you profoundly useful codes for relating to life and in particular for relating to physical reality. The Earth has been informed by many different species of creatures, intelligent life and sentience in all of them, and so there are many patterns of creation embedded within your lineage, regardless of the variety and diversity of your origins as a collective.

As you become more keenly focused on opening to all that you are, the fullness of you being begins to operate in an integrated fashion. This requires you to shift from your local identity into your spiritual identity, into your identity residing in your knowing of yourself as a divine multidimensional being.

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