Seven Mays
A kaleidoscopic fractal motion graphics translated energies work.

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This visual translation began 21 February 2013 at 1:11 PM and was completed on 05 March 2013 at 2:22 AM.

Seven Mays is a kaleidoscopic fractal motion graphic translation of unfolding energy transmissions of ever more pure and undistored energy swells to aid in humanities ascension. This work contains 3889 frames comprising 2 minute 57 seconds of 1080p HD video at 22 frames per second set to uniqe audio created and arranged by myself using

This work adheres to Cultural Works guidlines and licensing.

Seven Mays, motion graphics, individual frames are available in a 1920×1080 JPG for viewing, remixing and to download. I have observed that each individual frame is just as amazing to view as the completed motion graphic. Remember. the animation displays 22 individual frames every second, so taking a to view each frame as it unfolds a whole new perspective hidden in plain view within this motion graphic translation.
As with all of my work, it is a reflection and my personal validation of expanding consiosness I hold within.
You could say that my blog is my proof of concept research, and I in all ways visualize my experience through visual art. Out of the over 440 articles within our network of light and collected in the roughly two week period it took to create, render and process this work as a whole, I have selected the following article as a synopsis for this work. It is also a reflection of the guidance offered during this period. I will never tell you what to think, feel or be. But my little part is collecting and translating my own personal ascention (or ) and contribute my perspective to the rest of our and omniverse.
If you are the inquisitive I encourage you to reference my work by , and cross reference my blog
I am sure allong with your own unique perspectives you will unfold perceisely what your are seeking to validate within yourself.
Within the on I am, like attracts like, in omnipresent syncronicity, at least for me, is now undeniable and verifiable.

+ Observe | Explore | Discern | Expand | Be ::…

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License: CC BY-SA 3.0
Light Bright (Seven Mays Remix) created by Seth Dennon on ttp://
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Created using Open software available without financial barriers:
Apophysis 7X.14 —
flam3 —
Kaleider 4.8.1 —
GIMP 2.8 —
VirtualDub APNG MOD 1.9.11 —
VirtualDub Filter Pack 2011 —
AVS Video Converter 8.2 —