My First Message from Mytria by Suzanne Lie
Thanks to The Golden Age of Gaia

Dear Readers,
I am so pleased to see all your wonderful comments, as well as how people all over the world are consciously creating New Earth. Please check the comments, as they are quite wonderful.
Since all of you have been so open I am going to now share the first communication I received from Mytria on November 20, 1995. I have not changed any of the content, but have edited it a bit. I did not feel that I could release this information until now.
Yes, the world does feel safer, doesn’t it? Yes, we still have many 3D problems, but where we felt the warning of, “Be careful. It is not safe yet.” We are now hearing, “Congratulations Earthlings. Job well done! Go for it NOW!” Below is my first communication with Mytria.
November 20, 1995
(I was very new to computers then and didn’t know how it got marked private.
Maybe Mytria did it?)
Dear Mytria,
I asked to speak with a Pleiadian and I have received your name. I am opening myself to my Multidimensional SELF and wish to speak with you. I hope that I have been able to clear myself enough so that I can have an accurate reception of your message.
Dear Suzille,
You have indeed been opening yourself to your multidimensionality, and in doing so you have allowed yourself to receive messages from Beings such as myself from other dimensions. I am from Alcyone, and I am one of the guards of The Sacred Fire. I speak to you now from the fifth dimension, although I could also communicate with you from higher dimensions.
Since this is our first contact, I will take on my lowest vibration to make it easier for you to understand me. Of course, in our world, there is no need to guard The Sacred Fire as no one here would damage anything. Beings on the fifth dimension know that any action affects them as much as those around them, as there is no separation. You too are learning that lesson.
Hence, I do not exactly guard the Fire. It would be more correct to say that I assist those who wish to enter into it. The Sacred Fire is a portal through which one can travel to anywhere they desire. When one is finished with their body in the fifth dimension, they actually step into the portal. Then the body is transmuted to a higher dimension and they are returned to pure Spirit in order to learn their “in-between realities” lessons.
If one wants to travel to another plane, but they wish to return to their form, they will concentrate upon The Sacred Fire. Then they can go wherever they wish via their consciousness. Their body will be cared for here in our Violet Temple while they are away. I am one of those who oversees that process. Therefore, I guess it would be better to say that I guard the body of the traveler rather The Fire. For this reason my title is a Keeper Of The Flame, as I keep track of the ones who enter the Sacred Fire.
You, my dear, have contacted me because I am open to communications with those from other dimensions and because I know you. Or rather I know Kepier, your Arcturian Self. Kepier and I are actually related. Arcturus is a great mystical center and many who wish to be seers and healers will travel there to study and grow. Kepier is an intergalactic communicator. This is why you have always had such a strong urge to reach beyond your mundane world.