June 16- June 21st 2013
This message is from Fairy Queen D, Regional Fairy Queen of the greater Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA area. Channeled by Cindy McGonagle.

Message from Cindy:
“I share this message with you all as I have been working with a most magical Fairy Queen D for over twenty years now, and I can’t imagine a day going by without her friendship and Divine Guidance to brighten my day.”

Fairy Queen D
” Magic abounds as we approach the Summer Solstice, a time of great fun and manifesting. As you know the fairies are all full of fun and wish to celebrate life on Earth with each of you. If nothing else spend time in nature appreciating beauty that sprouts from Mother Earth and provides you with peace, comfort, food and inspiration. Send love into the Earth for it is her time to rejoice in the longest daylight here in the Northern Hemisphere. This is the time to make some magic by burning a candle and a petition of what you wish to manifest and have the fairies help to bring this wish to you. This is the time of great celebrations happening in the wild places in nature, when Fairy Kingdoms come together to give fairy initiations and assignments. Some of the assignments are for young fairies to find children who can “see” them and join in their fairy games in the garden and forests. Other fairy folk are assigned to finding human partners whose hearts are loving and kind who love flowers and who garden with plants that grow food and medicine.
There are other fairies who come to the center of the fairy ring to be given titles as well. There are those of the royal lineages who are being groomed to become Fairy Queens and Mineral Kings. It takes a great deal of assignments to become a Fairy Queen.
In fact, it includes a time working with Humans. While this task is fun it can also seem like an impossibility. Imagine for a minute if you were invisible to most Humans, and you wanted to communicate with them…what would you do?
Make a flower move from side to side when there was no wind present? Fairies even go to school in the winter time to learn how to work with Humans. They spend time with other fairies who have formed a fairy friendship and teach other fairies how to make a Human connection. Then there are other Humans who love fairies and encourage them to work with them, not only in their gardens, but in their lives to make the Earth a happier place, a cleaner environment and more peaceful place to live. If you are one of those Humans called by the fairies for friendship then let them know by offering up some time for the fairies to communicate with you.
Sit quietly and ask a fairy to become your friend, ask for the name of a fairy. Listen to the very first sounds that come into your mind. This will be their name. Next ask how to work together. Write down any visions, thoughts or suggestions you receive. Set aside time each day for this communication to develop. Take the action steps the fairies are suggesting, and you will see your life expand in such rewarding ways. As shared by Fairy Queen D”

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