The Ascended Masters: You All Carry the Purest Signatures of Light
June 21, 2013
-Channeled through Wes Annac-

You are a shining and marvelous conduit for the energies of the Divine to come forth. Every last one of you is performing an exponential feat for the surface of the Earth, by offering yourself up as a conduit for the energies of the higher realms to come through and shine onto every last aspect of your Earth experience.

You all carry the purest signatures of Light, and your sacred Light has always been meant to be shone onto every aspect of the Earth experience based in the lower-dimensionality your collective is now growing away from.

We seek to offer ourselves to the ascension of your Earth in every way we can and to that extent, we’ve been communicating with humanity along with working fruitfully behind the scenes on a plethora of aspects of the ascension of your Earth.

One of the most important aspects of your ascension is the energetic aspect.

The energy all around you that forms and sustains your reality is increasing in purity in a rapid manner, and as such, we along with plenty others take to monitoring your collective energy-levels to make sure that the continual purity-increases don’t have any unintended effects upon your collective, or upon each of you individually.

A Monitored Growth Experience
Your experience as it plays-out at present is quite monitored by us higher-dimensional beings and by the higher selves of each of you, as your Lives are carefully planned and crafted in an effort to assist you along your way of growing and learning on the Earth.

Your experiences on the Earth have shaken you to your very core in many cases, because the strongest of issues and pains lie, for many of you, at such core.

Many of you have held negativity and pain deep within your heart for so very long and now, the Light you’ve come to the Earth with to shine onto every aspect of the Earth experience, is being shone on those parts of yourselves who have been in pain for so very long; in some cases, without you realizing it at your surface.

When you can actively cleanse and work-through every last bit of negativity, fear and pain that serves to block a higher-dimensional connection, you’ll be able to find an unprecedented, clear line of access to our energies and to those of a plethora of other ascended souls who wish to assist you along your growth.

You’ll find that the topic of assisting you along your growth is repeated fruitfully in many higher-dimensional communications, and this is because the sole mission of quite a few Angels and guides at present is to help the Earthly souls they’re guiding, to find the higher realms and ascend with the rest of your collective.

Our goal is indeed for your entire collective to be able to ascend, and we and you alike will work to help educate the public in the time ahead about your evolution and about the manner in which it’s to be brought about.