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What is Wisdom without the human?
Not rechanneled and at the same time, indestructible and eternal.
What is the human without Wisdom?
Vulnerable. Ignorant. He is in need of guidance. He is in need of Love, Affection, Care.
Wisdom, even if it is indestructible, simultaneously leaves space for its distortion and this because, it still has the potentiality, through this way, to contribute to the spiritual evolution of the being, as any other experience too. That is how vast ad infinitum unattainable Wisdom is.
Never imagine, because of the fact that the Heart gates of many of you are closed, that Wisdom is unreachable and inaccessible. Everything is already inside you, ready and available to you for any moment. Still, at the same time you keep them away from you because of your ignorance.
Do not stay stuck and do not give more than the necessary attention to the external incidents of your physical environment. Because this that prevails inside you is responsible for your external manifestations and if healing is not accomplished in you, then the illness around you will continue to remain.
The guidance that you are given, regardless the form of its agent (or of its source if there is somehow a depiction of it), has nothing more than the responsibility of being a reminder to you. We are the streetsign and you are those that decide if you are going to follow the direction that is suggested to you or not.
The different kinds of knowledge are easily assimilated and repeated.
The Wisdom though, on which this knowledge is supported, cannot be repeated, because it cannot be expressed with words, but can only be experienced through living. And in order for this experience to come, it is needed first for this Wisdom to be comprehended, going from the Mind to the Heart.
To confuse Knowledge with Wisdom creates one of your strongest disharmonies of your world in a spiritual and physical level. But through this situation, you give hope to the enemies of hope and also, you give them the power to manipulate you in any way they please.
And those of you who shout ‘Enough! ‘ or say ‘We have lived all this before. Have we not learned anything? ‘, know that the pace of the transformation should not keep your mind busy, but recognize as more important, mainly, the beginning of the transformation. And this has already begun.
It will be of no help to you the knowledge of galactic civilizations or the daily habits of the residents of the Andromeda Galaxy.
All these contribute to their respected level.
But understand, that like those beings or me, so do you, are aware of the fact that each one of us owns the key of his and her personal awakening and each key is only for the person that owns it.
And each individual holds the responsibility for his and her personal movement upwards to even higher spheres of existence and understanding.
I do not have to add anything more for the moment.
My gratitude to you for letting my words to flow through you.
I have spoken.
As received by Konstantinos.
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