Morpheus June 29, 2013
Channeled through Robert Mesure
©copyright Robert Mesure all rights reserved.

Dear ones,

Do not try to conceptualize the informative adorations of supernal intelligence, as they should resonate deep within your being, awakening your own inner guidance. The first distinction is the first limitation.

i would like to talk to you about the dark masters, and the actions many of you are taking. The compromised fundamentals of the elitist derive from of deprived vindication, sought out in egocentric machiavellianism. They have hindered the fragile state of conscious development. They have manipulated the masses into believing they do not exist, and the youth into fearing them, when in all actuality it is them who fear you. Waking up the masses and transforming the world will not be done through creating fear in those who are unaware, as the fear will set them into a fear state. Love is and always will be the truth and the way; fear is a false sense of receptivity. you can not work with fear, as it is ambiguity, and you are pure love and clarity. When you find your self in a negative state, tangled in the dual fazes of external perspectives, stop and take a deep breath and remember who you are, centre your self.

There is no beneficial attribute to fear based causation or interpretation, as fear thrives in the dissonance of negativity and lies. The congruent nature of expanding consciousness and stepping through the facade of antecedent, deteriorated experience is only liable through the pure contentment of love. Do not try to forcefully awaken those around you with fearful ethics and unsettling depictions. Be the shining example you are, once those of humanity who are still lost in the Lucifer blueprint, recognise you, they will yield the dormant energy of there true inner nature, love. When this occurs they will see through the veils of suppression and detention. It is over.

The necessary actions are conduits pertaining the satisfactory elements of pervaded sentience, you can not lie to the minds eye, the indwelt spirit awakens through the connective fusion of love constituting mind and light. Through anchoring the energies of GOD light the new systems of pure love intelligence will envelope the matrix, As you the starseed, Love you awaken exponentially. blessed you are.

Beloved masters, you are being pulled heavily by source magnetism. the Coding is coming through to those who need them, happening at a rate never thought possible, thanks to the Directors. Technological breakthrough has reached the point of no return, and has reached an unstoppable threshold. Success and satisfaction is the Frequency we are channelling in our Planetary Grid. Mercury retrograde has begun. This will be the time of the first Major Defragmentation of World Power Structures. Visible sign of this will be seen dramatically directly after the Termination of the Retrograde.