Morpheus Sirius ArchAngel
5/10/2013 – Morpheus sirius.
In the infinitude of existence time does not exist but due to the universe density levels, the strata of energetic streaming through alternate vibratory densities distinguishes linear aspects of duration, integration and perception as the responsive nature of consciousness synchronizes receptivity. Depending on which dimension you are in there is a calendar to coexist that breaks down specific time streams to send energy across the universe in direct route through temporal magnetic oscillation impulse coordinates that converge with grid alignment localities. The break down of energetic sequences in time patterns allows for synchronization as the cataclysmic expression merges into rebirth in the octave of spatial scalar grid waves the mental quark of expression.
The projective force of consciousness synchronizes with interpretation of energy patterns being emitted from collective focus into motion, the experienced reality is a mental composition in the reflective nature of expression. The strata grid of energetic dimensional entrainment moves through stasis by intended inflation of light through mind the omnicentric proximity of energetic streaming through mental projection converges the polymorphic polarity into a pinnacle that acts as the quark, center point magnet this is you. The ether vortex turbines influx through intended focus in a timeless format. Time energy is inducement of experienced reaction through a multi-fold focus, time itself is vibratory energy emission emanating from omni-centric magnetic flux coordinates, polarity bounces via collective focus. Through push/pull of focus the quark spins as the law of reaction to action like karma.
The expressive matrix of multifold time sequencing can be experienced as excitement or doubt as excitement and doubt are extrapolations of energy emanating from a future scape of expression permeating through emotional connection to extension, the continuity of receptivity in corresponding time streams amplifies due to the connective force of love into oneness. Reconnection to your multidimensional operating system is also an outcome of this progressive cycle, for example when you sit in a dark room you can see the pixelated reflective ions of light vibrating in the atmosphere many of you have noticed they are accelerating in vibration dear ones the nucleotide base genetic code sequences of protein synthesis in your DNA are reforming into light elevation modules. When the connective placement of love in unity harmonizes in the cataclysmic convergence of reflective energy formations there will be an impulse of electromagnetic stimulation into the systematic matrix template which is the plane of existence your are experiencing in this moment.
Omni-centric lucidity is required to reform the scatological imprint of egoic reflective suppression so mental, intellectual, creative composition of vibratory reduction can harmonious in stasis with the universal energy which is light.
As you connect with your energy field through the vibration of love the capacity of equilibrium increases and the intervals of dissonance radiate and harmonize in the ambiance of all being, your key line/auroic field then becomes aligned in grid polarity via merged extension of flux integration. Your RNA will begin to pick up light streams of the universal framework and encode new DNA ports so your multidimensionality can blossom.
Dejavu steps into play, as it is the distinction of truth over illusion as we are all one we are all experiencing collectively. Dejavu is an emanation of energy extrapolating from the collective mind in mutuality, time does not exist in the infinitude of existence. DeJaVu is just parallel energy patterns corresponding in oneness.. There is only one “intelligence” one “consciousness” expressing its self in infinite forms and verities, DeJaVu is the experience expressed through the convergence of ascending connection.