Quan Yin through Laura Lee Lizak
June 18, 2013

We are each and all magnificent in our powers. We enlighten each other continuously at this time in our history. No one is outside of this experience. We open portals in every experience. We work magic on our bodies, and we let enlightened support move into this earth in our connections with each other. We are tremendously exciting in our work and in our world. We are delivering magnificence into every experience. We are talking about the powers that are available in our experiences at this time.

Every person is enlightening. Every person is enlightening each other. Every person enlightens every experience in this excitement and support. We are channeling our powers into this earth experience. We are letting our magnificence accelerate into every experience in this world. We are doing this continuously now; each person is enlightening every experience in this world. It is noticeably different than carrying our disruptions into our experiences. We are letting our enlightened support systems grow continuously here. We are changing our world to accommodate the enlightened support systems that are accelerating into this experience of enlightening each other.

Now notice that no one is outside of this picture. No one is outside of this enlightened support system. Not a thing is outside of this experience. Not a thing is outside of enlightened connection. Let that be what is going on in your body. Let that be what is experienced in your enlightened connections. Let your body understand this enlightened support that is available to it right now. Let it understand that there is nothing that is outside of enlightened support.

We have supported a lot of people in this power. We have supported many beings in enlightened support, and it is growing continuously in this earth experience. Earth is over the top in the experience of enlightened connection. We decide to give each other help, and many many many many levels of consciousness move into this earth. And the levels of support diminish the hardships and accelerate enlightened connection, in every connection.

Now what does it do to have this much power? It means your body does not need to have hardship, does not need to have difficulty in any form. It means your body is needing to enlighten in this experience of enlightening another, and that it wants to share this power through itself over and over again. It wants to decide to give enlightened support into this earth. It wants to give enlightened support continuously into this earth. That is a body that is enlightening here. That is a body that wants support to accelerate into this earth experience.

You are magnificent in your powers, my dear ones. You are not going to have to push anything to enlighten each other. We are allowing it to occur in our bodies here, and it opens a portal inside of your body that accelerates connection, and lifts enlightenment into this earth experience. It lets you be what you are wanting to be in this timeframe. You are developing new opportunities to accommodate these exciting possibilities in your work and your world. You are letting new things understand this power that is moving through your body, letting a lot of people join forces in this enlightened support system. You are letting a lot of people come together to make certain that a lot of people are enlightening here.