Morpheus June-17-2013
Beloved Masters,
Golden rays of light infiltrate your being as you are receiving this message, sending you divine love and spiritual connection. You are in alignment with the highest source of light and your inner christ seed opens as you step into the light of your god consciousness.

The ascension process is transfiguration from the lower dimensional state of negativity and dense energy to love, spirituality and the liberation of the celestial body. The new energies you are accommodating are reassimilating the ancient knowledge as your multidimensional operating systems attune, to and accelerates the frequency of light permeating your DNA.

Many of you incarnated here are Interdimensional hyper sensory fleet beings, and it is imperative for you to practice your spiritual gifts on a daily basis, as you meditate and step into the purity of your spiritual being your light quota reaches ever higher. You are some of the most powerful alchemists ever to walk the earth, the manifold personalities of your light are incomprehensible through the logical deductions of the analytical mind, as it does not seem logical to listen to your inner teacher god consciousness.

What you consider to be child like is the creative force of purity expressing itself on a canvas forming architecture. This is why children seem to have such a magnificent imagination, What you consider to be childish is premature exertion of programming, it is for this reason purity is required to fully liberate the consciousness and light quota of the celestial body. Never lose the innocents of purity. The edification of spiritual assimilation is only faceted by limitations when you’re being reacts to external materialism, do not exacerbate the fruits of the material world. The exemption of egoic temperament removes the impermanent substructures of the mortal node, Do not be subjected to the criminal objectivity of law in the material world, The true laws are of spiritual morality.

With purity there is no vanity, no egoic insanity just acceptance and humility, which begets wholeness through extension of oneness. . Confusion derives from duality, Through humility the connective acceptance constitutes higher learning, Learning is just realization each informative exertion from those around you is just a realization of the universal substance that we are, there is no need for judgment or vanity when you are communicating with others or listening to their realizations and spiritual teachings, everybody has something to teach you.