Heavenletter #4589 Does Happenstance Exist?, June 18, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
What if everything that happens in your life is supposed to happen? Imagine for a moment:

What if there are no cancellations? What if everything that is written is written in indelible ink? In this case, would you be trying so to undo or redo or battle against a course of events?

What if it were not possible to take anything back? What if it were not even possible to apologize? You might have a bigger regret than you do now.

Not everyone regrets the same. There is no point in regretting, dear ones. Sorry is as sorry does.

At the same time, life cannot be thought out too much. Decisions are made on the fly. In one sense, you cannot think over every action or inaction. You can’t be weighing life at every corner: “Is this the right decision? Is this the wrong decision?” Decisions have to be made.

Sometimes in life, it seems as if you are the pilot of an airplane, and you have to decide what may be, perhaps, some undecidable decisions. Sometimes in life, it seems as though you are on automatic pilot. Decisions are made as if without your input at all. You turn the plane left instead of right. It seems like it was happenstance, and that you, perhaps, are just a figurehead looking like you are steering the plane. You’re not so sure that you’re really the pilot of your life.

Yet all this figuring out, how much purpose does it serve? It is time now for you to let sleeping dogs lie. Life took its course. You may have landed in some out of the way place, yet this is where you landed. This is the day you lived. It has played itself out.

In every case, what must you do? Get along to tomorrow. You simply cannot hold the steering wheel as tightly as you have tried to. Life does, indeed, seem to have a life of its own.

There simply are matters in life that you don’t know about nor have you control of. Perhaps in one awkward moment, you looked away. There are so many combinations to life that you simply can’t figure out at the time and, most likely, cannot figure out now.

Another day is on the horizon, and you take the best chances you see and may you be blessed.

In one sense, there are no wrong choices, beloved. Yes, indeed, there are other choices you might prefer to make now. That doesn’t necessarily signify that choices you made in the flash of an eye were incorrect. The fact is that you can never know for certain. You don’t know what is seemingly going to happen right now right around the corner.

Good things have come from what may be seen as error, and vice versa.

Beloveds, you don’t even know what the stakes are let alone are always able to hit the target. Life cannot always be cornered. Perhaps what can be said is that Life Is, and Life Is What It Is. Details are not the sum of your life. Details may not apply. They may be insignificant. Details may seem like everything to you, and yet they are nothing at all.

Your life is built on a better foundation than details. Details are, listen to Me, nowhere near as important as you seem to think.

The point is life, not the details. Life is where it takes you. For the ninety-ninth time, I tell you that Life, Life with a Capital L, is bringing you to Me where I await you with wide-open arms. Your destiny is assured. One way or another, you reach Me. You catch up with Me. So what is all the furor and all the worry about?

Beloveds, you are going to win all bets. This way or that way, you are rushing to Me. Of course, the rush is in your awareness, for the outcome is not new. The outcome is not an add-on. Always you have been secure in My heart. Know it or not, you are My Beautiful, safe in My heart.

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