Heavenletter #4573 Life Is Many-Winged, June 2, 2013
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God said:

Beloveds, you want to to the aid of your man yet not too much. Kindness is not always kind. It can be that your -meaning kindness becomes a of confidence in the person you are kind to.

I agree with you. Choices in the world at large are not always to make or to live with. So many areas of life are toss-ups. Oh, yes, if you were always peak, on top of things, at the top of your mark, well-rested, omnipotent, you might flail less in the of life. You would be more certain. Yet isn’t always reliable either.

One thing We can be sure of is that others have the right to make their own so-called mistakes. Of course, what may seem like a mistake can out to be a blessing, and what may seem like a blessing can out to be a mistake. If you are going to look at life as right or wrong, you are in for a roller-coaster ride at a hurried and harried .

Let go of the idea of either/or. Life is many-winged. There is a long distance between cold and hot. In the world, there seems to be distance between everything. Near and far. Long and short. Up and down.

Opposites are worshipped in the world, and yet, opposites are far from reliable. Opposites force you into a corner. Openness leaves you unbound.

Life is not your or the highway. Life has many paths for you to take. There may be no Right One or Wrong One. Regardless of the surface and first impressions, who can say that this is that or which is which?

The easy way out is not necessarily the easy way out. A seemingly hard course may well be easier. And yet decisions have to be made. You buy one thing or another, or you don’t. You go out, or you stay home.

Someone’s antagonism may really reveal their love for you, and you will begin to see that by and by. Some matters you want to see to the very end, and others you drop by the wayside. You resist or you recant.

Back to kindness, sometimes kindness is not kind. It is denigrating. Even when another limps, he can walk without your help. Help is not always welcome. Sometimes leaving someone alone to climb a hill is what the doctor ordered. Of course, you want to be safe rather than sorry, and so your kindness may be directed to yourself.

To make no choice in a situation may be a good choice, yet not forever. And, yet, some choices seem to make themselves. Before you know it, choice is taken out of your hands. Perhaps no choice was a choice.

It’s clear that thinking about the ins and outs of life may be too much, and yet too often not thinking is regretted. Ah, such is life. It is an unknown territory. It is not a jungle, however. One way to look at life is that the worst it can be is brambles or a field of nettles. And yet life is orange blossoms and hay stacks and blue skies and running waters.

By and large, beloveds, life is a good mix. Not too often is it one way or the other except in your appraisal of it.

So what are you to do about life but to take it as it comes? Better to think of life as a parade rather than a net out to get you. Yes, there are some hurdles to jump over and daisies to pick, and life may be a ball of wax, and life may be like a sparkling chandelier. Of one thing you can be sure — life is its own thing and there is nothing else like it.

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