Heavenletter #4596 Sometimes, Hard Decisions Have to Be Made, June 25, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
Know this. Dreams do get fulfilled. They get fulfilled, or your dreams become better than before. Or, the dream may vary. If it stays as it is, perhaps your motivation has changed. Perhaps now your intention comes from a higher place.

This reminds Me of the story of the two mothers who came before King Solomon. Two mothers each claimed that the child was hers. When King Solomon offered the possibility of dividing the baby in two, so the story goes, the true mother said, “No, let the baby go to her.”

Earlier, her motivation had been her wish to have her baby back. After King Solomon’s response, her higher wish was for the child to live a long life. What she wished for another became more important than what she wished for herself.

We could make another scenario for this tale. Perhaps the one who relinquished the child was not technically the birth mother, yet was she not the true mother? Or perhaps she was or was not the birth mother. Perhaps she simply spoke more quickly than the other claimant.

In later times than Biblical, the birth mother of a child might sue for her rights to the child and win and take the baby away from the only home the child knew and where the child had been loved and happy. I do not ask you to judge, beloveds, for there is no percentage in judging.

You can look at something in the short haul, or you can look at it in the long haul, and, either way, you do not know enough to know answers beneath the surface that at present seem so clear to you — or so obscure.

You might ask: “How can it be right for any child to be taken away from its happy home?”

Whatever a person thinks, he is usually positive he is right. How could it ever be right to take a child away from his home where he is happy?

And so it is also asked: “How can leaving an unhappy child in an unhappy home — how can that be right?”

I mention all this, beloved children, because a part of a story is not the whole story. There could be a case where a mother loves her child enough to send him away. This is a hard test for any mother who is looking out for the welfare of her child.

Do you know what? It doesn’t matter what someone else thinks of your situation. When it involves you, you may well have to see further than all those who do not live in your shoes. In the world, everyone is an expert on everyone else. Everyone is certain what someone else ought to do. They know what they would do, of course. They know until one day when they may find themselves in the same situation.

Even so, no two situations are alike. There are heartbreaking situations, and heartbreaking decisions that have to be made.

And what is the intention? For whose sake are decisions made?

There are many cases, some more drastic than others, where a decision that is not one’s dream has to be made, and you are the one who has to make it. Do not think you are making a callous decision. You may well be making the best decision that, given your choices, can be made.

Sometimes you are faced with a question: “What do I have to do that is for someone else’s good here?” And then you bite the bullet and make the decision you have to, like it or not.

In life, it may well be that there is no choice you would like to make, and yet you have to make it.

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