Natalie Glasson — Lady Vessa Andromeda: Overcoming Fear of the Creator
Thanks to Wes Annac:

The Ascended Masters: You’ll find the Mastery We’re Known For
MAY 30
Posted by Wes Annac
-Channeled through Wes Annac-

(1)-Upon reading over this section of the message, I asked the Ascended Masters if they could provide a bit more clarification on the necessity of abundance. This was their response:

“When we refer to the necessity of abundance, we speak of the personal, spiritual abundance and sovereignty that every soul deserves and requires along their path of understanding their innate godhood and spiritual ability. Outward abundance, manifested in one’s physical reality in the form of enough funds to survive in their everyday Lives, comes as a result of the garnering of enlightenment and personal, spiritual abundance.”

So it seems that, just as they said, they weren’t speaking of financial abundance in the referenced section but rather, spiritual abundance and sovereignty.