Morpheus Sirius ArchAngel
Dear ones i enter your presence now with unconditional love i would like to talk to you about the externalities that are interjecting communication streams from the higher dimensions and interfering with the conscious evolutionary spiritual expansion of gaia and those of humanity who are still stuck in perceptions and the egoic temperament of the lower 3rd dimension.
The negative emotional turmoil that has built up over millenia has generated dark matter currents and is responsible for the lower dimensional gravitational pull of reception, the scientists of humanity have been working with these energy fields and the technological development of electricity was the outcome of understanding transmission lines and power. The electricity you use in your external appliances and power lines are vibratory currents corresponding in spatial magnetism through the dense energy fields of the lower dimensional octaves. The static contrasting the flux capacitor in the nuerospheric structure has created a facade and has intercepted the universal light stream. There is a connection or a grid line between every being with the earth, to the Sun, to the center of the Galaxy, These connections are non-physical transmission lines that allow for the communication of Divine Spirit to emanate through the solar vibratory field. When the divine essence of spirit emanates through your system the acceleration of vibratory frequency impulses through the system of the reality you are in this is why you seem to have an abrupt affect on electricity.
Light has no weight it is positive as is love so when fear and negativity come into the equation the oscillation generates pull currents through turmoil of negative alchemical emissions. As you love and only generate and integrate positive energies you will become lighter as you become light physically and consciously you will correlate the grid and fully converge with the intelligence systems of multidimensional innovations through the resonance of light and love due to vibratory discharge in the RNA the reduction of frequency allows for light streaming to move into play permeating the chakra system and emanating through out your being. Discharging the vibrational frequency of energy is imperative to fluctuation of light streams in other words u must discharge in order to upgrade.