July 11- July 29th 2013
This message is from Archangel Gabriel, July 11, 2013

Channeled by Cindy McGonagle.

“Sweet and gentle souls on the planet, and you know who you are, we of the Archangelic league wish to awaken your hearts to the new energies coming from our Realm. You know that as time flys by precious moments are like a breeze disappearing quickly and sometimes not even noticed. This is how we appear in your lives, very quickly we (the Archangels) are always ready to join you in a partnership for whatever project you are creating. We ask that you include us with your daily life so you can feel the love we are sending your way. With the new planetary alignment on July 29th, there is a cosmic doorway open for you to have a closer relationship with our realm.
We encourage you to spend time outside in nature and merge with the Earth and the stars and the cosmic legions of light streaming colored rays of light into your heart and into the planet at the same time.
Get barefooted, light a candle and open your heart of hearts to re-uniting with the Brotherhood of the Light. For those of you with clairvoyant sight, you will be able to see the rays coming thru the night, as sparkling showers of globes of Light Beings surrounding you.
Like bubbles shining in the sunlight, the Light Beings are also colored rays and spinning orbs. Take out your cameras, call to the Angels to come into your photos, and share these images with others, connecting everyone with our love and light”.

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