This message is from Archangel Metatron
channeled by Cindy McGonagle August 29th-September 10th, 2013

Archangel Metatron:
“Brothers and Sisters of the Light fear not the unrest happening around you. Instead spend time in meditation calling in the Angels of Peace and Harmony to keep you clear of the fear and confusion in your world now. Free your thoughts that make your heart close, and focus on the beauty and freedom you do have in your lives, if only in your thoughts.

As powerful souls who can collectively bring peace to the chaos, the time is now to make sure your surroundings where you live and sleep are comforting to you. Music of nature’s sounds like birds singing, ocean waves or whatever soothes your soul, listen to these sounds.
Taking a shower or a bath, swimming or even wading in a pool of water along a stream can refresh and invigorate your spirit.
Laughter is another joyous gift to share with others. Call in the Angels of Joy and Fun and Laughter and let your heart sing for a moment.
Touching a leaf, such a simple act can also calm the busyness of your mind. Close your eyes and touch the petals of a flower and relax. These experiences will help keep you calm during these unsettling times ahead.
Eat from your gardens, share food with your neighbors that you have grown with love as you planted each plant.

We Archangels are always here to help, just call us into your daily life and in a second we will be next to you. You deserve to receive all that you need, but first you must ask for help and then accept the help that shows up. It may not always come in the form you first hoped for, but know it always comes in the form you need.

In Light and Love,
Archangel Metatron”

Channeled by Cindy McGonagle

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