Channeled Pleiadian Interview: Contact Protocol, Glimpsing the New Earth and Increased Telepathic Ability
July 30, 2013
Channeled by Wes Annac

The following is an automatic writing-based “interview” with the Pleiadian High Council.

Wes Annac: Hello dear friends, it’s great to connect with you on this night.

The Pleiadian High Council: We are overjoyed to connect with you and with every dear soul absorbing this communication. Thank you, dearest Wesley, for connecting with us and choosing to bring our energies and impressions through.

Wes: It’s my honor, dear friends.

Now, I’ve been given personal sightings of ships that I believe to be of your origin, but that may be of another higher-dimensional race. Regardless of the origins of the ships, I’ve seen them before after making a telepathic request to.

Because of my own experiences, I’m wondering about the extent to which you make personal contacts, and if those contacts will be picking up throughout the rest of this year.

PHC: Quite a question, dear heart! We’ll be happy to let you know of the personal contacts we’ve been making, and of our plans in making them in your future.

Giving Requested Sightings
We have indeed contacted numerous souls who’ve filmed the sightings they’ve been given or who’ve made personal requests in their minds and hearts to be shown our ships, but this doesn’t mean we’re able to instantly expose ourselves if any soul makes the request.

We’re indeed able to expose ourselves and give sightings to the public and to awakened individuals who make such requests in their minds and hearts, but we can only do so if we follow a quite-strict set of perimeters and what you would refer to as rules.

With the majority of our sightings, we seek not to overwhelm and we seek to allow the doubt factor to exist in those who would employ it.

We don’t feel ill when Earthly souls deny our presence, but rather, we understand that some are more comfortable with being able to deny with they see or label it as something “understandable” and not of another world or of a higher consciousness or intelligence.

Some souls are comfortable doubting us and our existence, and it’s for this reason that many of the sightings we give are given to individuals or small groups.

If an awakening soul makes a request to see us during a time of the night when we know the majority of Earthly souls to be out (and indeed, souls are out in your world in every moment) we may be unable to expose ourselves in that moment, as we seek to not to overwhelm those who’d potentially see us.

Your sky is very big, dear souls, and what you see in your sky is being seen by thousands of other people. It’s for this reason that some requests to witness our ships ultimately don’t come about, thought we dearly wish we could show ourselves to each of you in every moment you seek us.

Seeking Validation
Another factor involved in our giving of personal sightings is the reason an Earthly soul would ask for such sightings. If an awakening soul asks to see us because they wish for a direct validation of what they feel and know or because they’re waning in faith and seek an external validation, we cannot always show ourselves.

We seek not to have you fixate yourselves too much on us or our existence specifically, as while it’s indeed an important subject, there’s so very much more for you dear souls to discover and understand that you haven’t been told. Actively fixating oneself on just one facet of your future because one’s given a very real validation of that facet, could be considered a distortion.

There are very complex procedures in play regarding our contacts with humanity and with awakening souls, but in the immediate future as your collective energies lighten significantly and we find ourselves able to make less feared sightings and contacts, we’ll be able to step up the sightings and personal contacts we give more than we already have.

We’d say that we’re going step up the amount of channels we speak through as well, but that won’t be a direct result of our actions or of the cleansing of the collective consciousness of humanity and the resulting fear that won’t be shown in your collective regarding our existence.

Rather, this will come about because of the awakening taking place in the Lightworker collective, and because many more souls will choose to open themselves up to our energies and impressions.

We’ll be communicating with humanity as much as we always have; it’s simply that more souls will pick up on us and your collective will find themselves less ridiculing of our presence and wish to assist you along your evolution, and will become more understanding of it.