Mother Mary ~ Claim Your Rightful Place Amongst The Masters In Your Ability to Love And To Create ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ August 8, 2013

Hello dear ones. By now you have realized that you have reached a crossroads, a crossroads of true unequivocal belief in your divine nature. We have been telling you for quite a while now of the magnificent essence that is you, naturally and never-ending and eternally, and many of you have accepted it with open arms and true belief in your true nature.

However, there are many that still doubt this, and for you to move forward, it needs to be embraced fully and without any hesitation. Deep down you know of your nature, your Divine Nature. Deep down you know of its possibilities and its consequences. Deep down you recognize yourself more and more, as the veils are lifted from your hearts and as you accept yourselves truly and absolutely. But are you fully embracing it? Are you fully believing it? That is the question we pose to you this day, where you find yourselves continually inundated with purer and purer energy into your hearts, if you so accept it.

For many it is bringing up doubts and resistance. For many it is still bringing up those parts of you that still cling to old beliefs of what you think you are, of who you think you are. But beloveds, I come today to ask of you: let go more, surrender more; look closely into your hearts and see any remaining doubts and fears and beliefs that are holding you back from receiving and accepting this pure light of such magnitude, that nothing can hide now, that nothing can be in your way of expanding more fully into your new lives and new sense of yourselves.

But it isn’t really “new” now, dear ones, is it? You are indeed coming back to your true beginnings, your true center, and while it may feel sometimes that you are like a new fresh seedling newly sprouted and waving in the harsh winds of change, feeling very vulnerable, know that you are not alone and you can withstand it, that you can grow further and stronger into your true glory.

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