SaLuSa by Multidimensional Ocean — A Sense of the Future — 26 Aug 2013
August 26, 2013 By Laura

Glorious are the months and years to come, as you will recall the times that you are going through with much pleasure at recalling the last months of your life when you were still half blind to your true nature and immense possibilities.

As we go through the coming months, the light will shine for ever stronger in your lives, it will not know any limits, and your consciousness levels will rise for ever more. You are awakening from a long slumber, from a long sleep, from a frozen state as it were.

Many people speak the truth these days, although the cabal is still attempting to tighten its grip around you. To be fair, it would be correct to say that the more the cabal tries to control your every move, your every thought, your every word, the more the light will shine on their actions and plots.

The liberation from the cabal and its ways has to come from within as well as from the outside world. Join those who expose the working of the cabal and see the effects that the cabal’s ploys have on you, or rather the effects that the cabal wishes it had on you.

You light is being dimmed by the cabal efforts to undermine your consciousness awakening, as well as trying to weaken your physical, emotional and mental body. Their attempts to pollute your water, your food supply, your atmosphere will be stopped by your own collective consciousness and by your own awareness. Follow the path to the truth and you will also find the path to self-liberation and to freedom.

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