This message is from Queen of Lemuria
channeled by Cindy McGonagle, September 15th-23rd

” Children of Lemuria, I welcome you to a great gathering of Lemurians, and our energies, for now is the time to awaken your Lemurian codes of remembrance, seated in your ancient soul codes of many years ago. You know who you are, people who love the sea, ancient mariners, sailors, islanders, beach lovers, those who fine the ocean, streams, waterfalls springs, creeks, rivers and lakes places of refuge, sources of peace, your time is now to remember.
The colors of water reflecting the deep blues are so healing and purifying to your soul now. If you do not live by water, then bring a bowl of clean water near you when you meditate, first bless it and charge it with healing light from the heavens. Keep this as a tool for you to use before you meditate.
Sprinkle your hands and feet and your heart with this healing water. Pretend you are a child once again playing in water, recalling the pure joy of the moment.
We Lemurians are an ancient civilization that now is stirring deep with in the waters of Earth ready, willing and able to communicate with those of you who have agreed to help the planet at this time. The water grids of the Earth are powerful places where you can receive great insight and healing.
Visit your favorite source of natural water and ask it to open your upper heart and communicate to you your expanding role as earth keeper and fellow Lemurian soul family member. Yes, we are the same and we carry the wisdom and sacredness and power of water and earth together, merging the two elements together once again in balance.
We Lemurians can be felt all along the Pacific Rim, but for now we are wanting to awaken the energies of the Hawaiian Islands, and link them with those of the Pacific Coast of the United States all the way to Alaska and all the way to Central America as well. Many indigenous peoples know of our energies. Many have included our teaching in their great myths and magic and power working with the elementals of the water and of the earth.

We are ancients of ancients and our frequencies and energies are now able to re-connect with many of you who already love the Earth like we do. Most of the time you will feel our frequencies, but some of you may see with clairvoyant sight our energetic fields of light and yes, some of you can actually capture our fields with your cameras.

To work with the Lemurian frequencies it is important to honor the water element on your property (like a stream, creek, river or lake if you have one, or visit a natural source of water near where you live. Call us in to join you by requesting a Lemurian to be with you for blessing the water of Earth and wish it to remain pure, safe to use and stay in perfect health for future generations to come. You can also honor the Lemurians by wearing objects from the sea and river like shells and river stones. These can also be offered as gifts to other Lemurians who might also want to join you in honoring the sacredness of pure water sources.
Queen of Lemuria”

Channeled by Cindy McGonagle

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