From Natalie Glasson’s Channeling of Archangel Metatron December 18, 2013 (Look for December 18, 2013)

May all exist in and experience the love of the Creator.

I call upon the Creator, my guides and loved ones upon the inner planes to surround me in your loving support and protection. I call upon all aspects of my soul to become consciously aware. I ask that I, as an aspect of my soul and soul group, am appropriately and divinely consciously connected with all other aspects of my soul and soul group. With a network of energy and unity flowing between us, we call forth the Creator to simultaneously embrace each aspect of my soul and soul group for a deep and profound experience of love, the love of the Creator. As we vibrate in and as love let the same love that all aspects of my soul and soul group experience permeate all manifestations of my soul in all lifetimes, past present and future. With the love of the Creator growing a divine flow of the Creator and current of love erupts sending fusions of supreme love to all aspects of my soul. A deep unity of love is now experienced. As a result of this my entire being is revitalized with supreme and divine vibrations of love, while shifts and alterations aligned to love occur within all energetic levels of love.

‘In and with the present of my soul merging and higher aspects being born within my being, I allow all deep settled unneeded, negative or dark energy to merge with ease, understanding and awareness in order for me to experience true freedom from the past and the past consciousness of humanity. I am aware of the deep healing process I am moving through and choose to exist in profound love eternally and in every present moment. I am now in the presence of my soul; I honor and love my soul unconditionally.

I am that I am, I am the Soul that I am.