Morpheus December-14-2013
Channeled by Robert Mesure.
©copyright Robert Mesure all rights reserved.
Greetings dear ones, I enter your presence now bestowing the divine energy of unconditional love.

The activations of many light workers working with Gaias crystalline super-conductive body have been the integral constituents of coagulating, emanating and anchoring the frequencies and mathematical color coordinated energetic code sequences of the New earth. All is as it should be and humanity and Gaia are ascending in unity once more.

There will be a crystalline activation pertaining the nexus gate 7 vibration of 16-12-2013. Evaluating the energetic harmonic bandwidth allocation of the Christ Grid. This will allow the emanation of higher dimensional divine spirit to coalesce lower dimensional fields and elevate the frequency modulation structure of Gaias chakra column. It is due to this crystalline activation, that reevaluation of harmonic symmetry in reactive wave fields are harmonically synchronized and the consciousness level of Gaias inhabitants and those of the higher realms will align in corresponding energy fields.

The planetary constituent is a holographic projection of intelligent sine and cosine waves resonating from the collective mind. It is a spherical cosmic egg; due to the procedure of circumnavigation, it is a dimensional ellipsoid of reactive matter. Albeit, it is a reflective light similarity template, coalescing stagnant linearity; more accurately a paraboloid cosine emanating holographic geometry in a microbe simulation of interweaving intelligence by holophonic spectral mind synthesis. The earths fields are concentric. It is an invagination hyperdimensional coagulation rendered by masers – intelligibly electrified light waveform cohesion, harmonizing the symphony of the spheres.

Triangulum energy formation within subordinate membranous intelligence systems are the reactive construction mechanism of evolutionary procedures. Intermediate alignment of crystalline pyramidal formations of the light cell neuronal, mental template strata between the icosahedron earth grid and the dodecahedron multidimensional transference line connects conscious evolutionary subject to the evolutionary spiral of the cosmological star conversion matrix. Innovation of higher intelligence within the mental strata and biometric hexahedron matrix is the active assimilation of love structurally, spiritual subject is perpetual momentum dynamically ascending velocity of consciousness in mind causing expansion and higher dimensional capability.