Sheldan’s update for December 3, 2013
10 Manik, 10 Yaxk’in, 10 Caban
Selamat Jalwa! We come before you now to discuss a number of subjects. At present, the dark has been watching as a series of events manifest that will change your world. These will transform your global banking system and begin a reset of your world’s currency system. These alterations are to be merely the first major steps in the changes that we have previously discussed with you toward new governance and releasing you from millennia of bondage. Whether it was one that tied you to a fiefdom of some type, or the debt slavery of the last few centuries, these various structures kept you legally fettered to an upper class that regularly abused you and your children. These instruments of slavery are to be lifted so you can become truly free. In that moment, the power of wealth is finally to end, so that you are able to be an individual who is again sovereign and prosperous in body and in Spirit. These events will prepare you for a celebration that will be attended by your spiritual and space families!

With the advent of freedom and personal sovereignty we can freely make our appearance. Since the fall of Atlantis, we have watched you and occasionally even directly guided you. We understood what Heaven was doing, but nonetheless deeply wished to guide you. Thus, we sent a number of Avatars, “Angels” and even prophets to aid you in staying on a pathway that Heaven had decreed for you. The dark’s earthly minions despised us and did what they could to discourage us. These strict censors were only partially successful as we encouraged many great men and women to come forth and expound our messages. As these courageous ones appeared, many sacred secret societies formed to aid us in our various divine missions to enlighten an oppressed humanity. These missions have existed for millennia and currently are leading to the new epoch that you are close to embracing. This time is one in which many divine miracles will happen!

Even though you see only glimpses of what is occurring, stay strong in your belief. Circumstances are coming together to forge a divine symphony that will transform this reality. Be ready to accept what at first can appear strange to you. The dark believes that you are not yet ready to change your ways. This is something that these dark minions cannot comprehend. The Light has created a special scenario that is presently unfolding and this process confuses the dark cabal. Even their many attempts at creating war are failing. Their old ways do not work anymore. The militaries of your world wish for peace to descend on this realm. This is not to be a time of confusion but rather a moment when grand clarity sweeps across this globe. It is a time when agreements that free you of these dark ones will permit you to rejoice at the power of the Light. It will also be a time when you reconnect openly with your brethren from the stars and your family from inner Earth – a moment filled with hope and miracles!