This message is Queen of Lemuria
channeled by Cindy McGonagle, January 5th-31st, 2014

“Long ago before Lemuria ever existed in land form it was a city of light, sustained by the elemental forces of creation, waiting for its placement in a new star environment that could hold very high frequencies. A place surrounded by the water element, isolated from the harsh realities that were characteristic with many also under creation in other universes at the time.
was selected to be the place for a new Lemurian culture to take root. In its beauty and radiance, this blue star had much potential to be able to harness and expand the growth of a Lemurian civilization.
The Earth covered in blue waters was perfect as the seas of the Western Hemisphere had all the elements necessary to the Lemurians.
Even today, Lemurians are still present on Earth, living on remote Pacific islands. Remnants of ancient Lemuria can be seen in the sculptures of Easter Island off the the Chilean coast. There are stone sculptures buried into the Earth with only their heads placed above the as monoliths which directed Lemurian energies across the Pacific on leylines where other Lemurian communities existed. Hawaii is one of those remote island places where Lemurian cultures flourished. Before Hawaii was fully established, there were other Pacific islands where Lemurians existed. Tonga was one of those places. Set again in one of the remote and isolated watery islands near Australia. Again the Lemurians felt a kinship with the land, the water, the people and the animals of the sea.
Today when you visit Hawaii you can feel a sense of balance and comfort there. The islands have for centuries enjoyed peaceful surroundings. Lemurian energies can best be felt in the medium of water, as they are subtle energies that are communicated at cellular level within the human body. If you have had a Lemurian Lifetime, when you float in water you can really feel a part of your soul remembering such lifetimes.
Places that have great , rivers and waterfalls and lakes emit a frequency that is peacefull and rejuvenating, unless it is stormy. As more humans awaken their cellular memories of and living in harmony with water, great migrations of people will travel, move to or be magnetically drawn to water vortexes, that can help you heal and find peace within.
For those of you who enjoy swimming and scuba diving, surfing and other watersports you know the minute you enter the water your body is relaxed and calmed by warm water. Many sea animals depend on a constant water temperature. enabling their food sources to be available. Great of the type that interferes with food production offers new challenges ahead. Flooding is one way the Earth is able to regain necessary resources.

Lemurian Leylines… The Leyline from Mount Shasta in northern Californiafrom to the island of Kauai in Hawaii is an ancient one. In fact it was one of the earliest established when Mt. Shasta was first erupting, what later became the structures of the inner City known as Telos within Mt. Shasta. So powerful is the highway of love as we Lemurians call it, from the core of Mt. Shasta running through the ocean of the Pacific to the actual volcano that formed much of the island of Kauai, Mount Waialeale.

This place is a very sacred spot on this planet known to many of you who carry Lemurian DNA codes. Few people have their frequencies enough to realize the healing power of this place. The ancients however knew of this and honored the river and the Mountain from whence the Wailua river begins. The ancients also knew of the sacredness of the ocean where it meets this river and is still called a place of refuge. Ancient Kahunas (Hawaiian Priests) recognized the mana (having power) in this area, where sacred knowledge is available. Mt. Shasta is also a a similar place where the veils of the sacred are thin and those who come to its alpine meadows and water places are taught by nature and the Angels, and Elder spirits of the Mountain. The waters of the rivers and lakes in these places hold deep memories of Lemurian frequencies and when you swim or even place your feet in these water sources your own DNA blueprint of a past life in Lemuria is awakened.

Queen of Lemuria

Channeled by Cindy McGonagle

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