SaLuSa 2d Feb 2014 by Multidimensional Ocean

Greetings from your space brothers. We salute your courage and dedication to the light once again. We love to see you serve the light and love with so much devotion and conviction. You are a true inspiration for all of us on the ships.
We are aware that many of you would like to join us on the ships so much, if not in their 3D body, at least in dreams or with their Higher Self. You are of course welcome onboard to visit us, as usual. In fact many of you already do this, whether you are aware of it or not.
Try to focus your consciousness on GF ships, light ships, and visit your sisters and brothers from the higher realms.
There is much that we can learn from each other, and much joy and celebration is ahead of us, dear ones.
We know that many of you feel trapped in meaningless jobs, meaningless for the purpose of their soul of course that is. The soul purpose is to try keeping up with the challenge of raising a family, of paying your bills, car and mortgages. The other purpose of that is to keep you under control, to keep you tired, and not to think of your personal growth and evolution.
The cabal desires to keep many of you as asleep and as dependent of the jobs that they provide for you, as much as possible.
The cabal does not like to see people get on with their lives independently, having their own energy sources, their own food supply, their own seeds.
The cabal wants you all to be interdependent, to be all together, to no longer have your own space and will push the game to removing even your property from you, such as your houses.
Indeed, the cabal is close and pro-communism, but a form of communism where those at the bottom of the pyramid, work hard, and have nothing of their own, in order to serve and to give all to those on the top of the pyramid.
We appreciate how much time and effort the global liberation movement takes, and we rejoice and hope to be a source of inspiration to you, for indeed, this is all that we can do for now.
Indeed, the laws, closes and terms for planet Earth have many specifications and agreements to ensure that the GF stays away from direct contact and interaction with the inhabitants of the planet.
We can tell you, however, that help is on the way dear ones. The help is coming mainly from within your awakening ranks, as this is really the only kind of help that is allowed for now. This is why you have taken upon yourself to go down to Mother Earth and to rise from within as it were. To lead and show the way to other humans, who are less inspired and less conscious than you.
We also wish to inform you that there is a tidal change within the cabal ranks, as even among them, spirits are awakening, and dare speak out against received ideas within their ranks.
This has always been the case to some extent, but now the movement amplifies and accelerates.
Dear ones, we encourage you all to go within for personal and global updates, reported to you by your one and true higher self, which is the closed spark to the Divine Spark of our Great Common Creator.
We love you very much.
Love and light, SaLuSa from Sirius
Channel: Multidimensional Ocean