The Angelic Realms January 31, 2014
By Robert Mesure
©copyright Robert Mesure all rights reserved.

The human collectives energy scape flows through you, there is grid connecting all life and as such there is a piezoelectric nature of unity. As you bring in light and love, the entire human collective benefits from it. And vice versa when the human collective is in much fear and pain you will contract it, and it is your job to transmute it, so humanity can go through a smooth transition Remember, you are a beautiful being of limitless light and you are loved and watched over by the angels. As You integrate higher levels of light, there is more density, ego and fear that needs to be transcended and dissolved. You are the conduits, that’s why your job at times, seems so hard. You have to go through terror, and what appears to be torture. Remember Everything will be fine and it is set in stone. There are times of great despair, anxiety, and horror on your path Great ones, but it is for a great and noble cause. The upliftment of the entire human collective is in your hands, and you The divine Light Workers of mother Gaia are doing an amazing job. We thank You, with all our hearts, and you are blessed, beautiful, gracious, courageous beings of the divine. Dear ones beyond the planetary grids of the human collective, and earthly biosphere, there are solar-sphere grids, galactic-grids and omni-dimensional grid systems and matrixes, They all stem from the galactic core, and the stellar currents of energy coordination. You are capable of connecting to each and everyone of these grids, and we applaud you to do so. You are the center channel, the core of the universe, as are all those around you.
There will be no spiritual rapture, it is the journey to the heart and the reevaluation of spirit. The morphogenic blueprint of your Bio-electrical format, is adjusting to the higher vibratory cognition of the New wave power format. Biomagnetism is rendering the DNA-RNA matrix transducing the coded nucleic membranes into Larger quantifiable membranes of creator light. As the plasma of accelerated light condenses in your Biological mainframe, you may experience melting sensations, over heating and vibrational patterns. The energetic pulses of your higher self, is elevating the grid and by each and every fluctuation and amplification we grow closer in communication. Each transmission of knowledge contains codes of light, And you the StarSeed, LightWorker collective are the anchor, receptor and transmuter of light. Be in love and bring, harmony and unity unto the planetary systems of the milky way, and all the dimensional fields, that you are interacting with, Love is the cohesive fusion matrix, the bridging mechanism and the creative essence.