A short update on the energies April 15, 2014

I wasn’t expecting a new message today, but when I down to watch the live streaming of the lunar eclipse, this came through:

As you are all aware of now, what happens in the sky is an integral part of what is going on within your body. For your body does not constitute your in any way, far from it, your body constitutes the receptor that enables you to connect ever to everything that is around you. At first, what you perceive will be what is transmitted to the inside of your body though the five , but bit by bit, you will realize that the information you can up in this manner is merely a on the surface of All there is. For now, as you have all become more adept at tuning into the real message that lies behind so much of these at times deliberately misleading snippets of information that you are being served through your eyes and your ears from numerous sources acting on behalf of diverse less beneficial masters, you will that in order for you to get the real , you need to away from whatever is served you on a daily basis in your .